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  1. I have two issues: 1. Please see attached picture. First complete quest, warp to pay_dun03 145,43 then talk to "Shimmering Portal", it will show the Debug message. 2. Daily quest hunt angry soldiers, I can actually repeat this quest again and again, not like hunt Nine Tails, you need to wait until next day 4:00am. Can anyone fix this? Thanks. Edited: I have fixed issue 2, edited quest_db, problem fixed. Issues 1 still show debug message.
  2. Hello, How to disable comp battle manual in a certain map? I tried to diable the item by using item_noquipe and restricted zone. However, I can consume the comp battle manual at other map, then go to the mapflag map, the effect still effective. So how can I disable the exp boost effect when I consume the manual at other map, when I enter the mapflag map, it will disable the exp boost effect. Thanks.
  3. Thank you. I will check it later.
  4. Hello, Is there any way to limit a specific amount of experience recieve from killing MVP and monster in a specific map? Say the player will only get 50% of regualr experience from killing MVP and monster in a specific map. I have a MVP monster map, and the player just kill the MVP to leveling, its way to fast. So I want to limit or reduce the experience from this map without change other file. Thanks.
  5. How to apply exp level penalty on MVP monster? It seems like re level penalty only works for normal monster. Is there anyway to apply the exp level penalty on MVP monster? Thanks.
  6. Thank you for your help. I will open another topic, hope someone can help me. Thanks again.
  7. Is there anyway to apply the exp penalty on MVP monster? Like you said, its too fast to level up by kill MVP.
  8. Thanks. This make sense for me. I have tried to set level penalty for kill boss but I still receive same exp after I kill boss even the level penalty file has the info below, do you know why? 1,CLASS_BOSS,16,40 1,CLASS_BOSS,15,115 1,CLASS_BOSS,14,120 1,CLASS_BOSS,13,125 1,CLASS_BOSS,12,130 1,CLASS_BOSS,11,135 1,CLASS_BOSS,10,140 1,CLASS_BOSS,9,135 1,CLASS_BOSS,8,130 1,CLASS_BOSS,7,125 1,CLASS_BOSS,6,120 1,CLASS_BOSS,5,115 1,CLASS_BOSS,4,110 1,CLASS_BOSS,3,105 1,CLASS_BOSS,0,100 1,CLASS_BOSS,-1,100 1,CLASS_BOSS,-6,95 1,CLASS_BOSS,-11,90 1,CLASS_BOSS,-16,85 1,CLASS_BOSS,-21,60 1,CLASS_BOSS,-26,35 1,CLASS_BOSS,-31,10 Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am not quite understand what's inside the level penalty file. // EXP modifiers due to level difference 1,CLASS_NORMAL,16,40 1,CLASS_NORMAL,15,115 1,CLASS_NORMAL,14,120 1,CLASS_NORMAL,13,125 1,CLASS_NORMAL,12,130 1,CLASS_NORMAL,11,135 1,CLASS_NORMAL,10,140 1,CLASS_NORMAL,9,135 1,CLASS_NORMAL,8,130 1,CLASS_NORMAL,7,125 1,CLASS_NORMAL,6,120 1,CLASS_NORMAL,5,115 1,CLASS_NORMAL,4,110 1,CLASS_NORMAL,3,105 1,CLASS_NORMAL,0,100 1,CLASS_NORMAL,-1,100 1,CLASS_NORMAL,-6,95 1,CLASS_NORMAL,-11,90 1,CLASS_NORMAL,-16,85 /1,CLASS_NORMAL,-21,60 1,CLASS_NORMAL,-26,35 1,CLASS_NORMAL,-31,10 I understand 1=experience. Class_Normal=player. But what 16,15,14,13,12,11...mean? Does it mean Level 16, or every 16 level difference, For example, from Lv1-Lv16 you receive 40%of total experience. from Lv17(+15) - Lv32 you receive 115% of total experience, from Lv33(+14) - Lv47 you receive 120% of total experience and so one? But why there is -1,-6,-11? Thanks.
  10. how does grf edited works? I just want to looks like the official sever. I tried unedited kro client with ra, there is no such effect.
  11. Thank you. I will contact Functor.
  12. Anyone know what is red square box effect in the picture? And how can I get this? I have seems these in TWRO and KRO.