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  1. the offical ra GeffenMagicTournament.txt is located at \GitHub\rathena\npc\re\scripts_athena.conf you also need to uncomment in the instance_db.yml hope this fix your problem.
  2. you need first to create an custom item, then add items you want to give in the item_package.txt. You can find an offical egg or box as an example. You also need to give your custom box an id in the const.txt file. 1. create custom item. eg: 22953,Enchant_Stone_Box7,Enchant_Stone_Box7,18,10,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ getgroupitem(IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7); },{},{} 2. add your egg or box id in const.txt eg: IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7 1028 3. add your items in the item_package.txt ( you need to read the doc at the very top to configure the database structure) eg: IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,6963,2,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,6964,1,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,6999,2,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,25000,2,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,6943,3,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,6642,3,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,25016,3,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,6944,3,1
  3. Thank you for the reply. However, these methods do not solve the problem. You can test it if you don't mind. I have tested it, and tried many different way, not still can not figure out where to make this work.
  4. I believe it's the problem of penalty. Find level_penalty.txt, delete the drop penalty inside the txt.
  5. No, this member disappeared for like at least half year. I bought this patch, I tried to contact him every possible way. No reply at all. I have to abandon this patch unfortunately.
  6. The reason why I post here instead of open an issue on git is I want to make sure it is not my problem. I am useing the lastest Ra, renew. client is 20180831. My script is below: I have this event script in my server. Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 20:00 - 2:00. The server will have 1.5 exp boost event. The event will trigger when it starts with no issue, but it will make the map server crash when its end when is 2:00. The server will crash and it will restart. I have been tested this in my live server for couple weeks before I post this just want to make sure its not a one time thing. If its my script error that makes the crash, can some one please help me fix the script, but I don't think there is any problem in my script. If this issue happen in your server, please let me know as well, so maybe I can open an issue on git. Thanks.
  7. you are right, I just tested, and realized it should be instance_enter just like you mentioned. thanks for ur help.
  8. Hello, I have a custom instance, when the player disconnect or logout the game, when they log in again, I want the character back to the instance map, so they can continue enjoy the game, however it only allow re-enter the instance map once. hope you understand, if not I will try explain more detail.
  9. Thank you for the help. I think you get my idea. But your script shows error. Please see attached picture.
  10. Hello, I was trying to make a script about if a player for some reason logout or disconnect, when the player logout back in, the character will return to where he disconnected. But only allow once. If logout second time, the character will return to save point. I am able to do it without count logout time, I was tried many methods, but did not work. I hope someone can teach me how to do it. I script as following: - script reset_map -1,{ OnInit: setarray .maplist$[0],"prt_fild08"; end; OnPCLogoutEvent: getmapxy ([email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], BL_PC); if (inarray(.maplist$[0],[email protected]$) == -1) end; warp "prt_fild08",0,0; end; } (I was tired to count the logout times, and use OnPCLogoutEvent to warp character to save point if the character logout the map second with no luck.)
  11. Hello, May I ask what is your solution for make the pet smaller?
  12. Thank you for your help. I tried, it works. I have a question, when should I use @set $illusion_mvp 1 Do I have to use everytime I restart sever, or do it's a onetime thing. Sorry, I am new to script, still learning. and since you set $illusion_mvp 1, I am assuming that 1 means clean the kill number set to 0, but why in the script right after the MVP summoned, then follow by "$illusion_mvp = 0", what's that "0" mean? Are "@set $illusion_mvp 1" and "$illusion_mvp=0" does the same job?
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