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  1. My log always have this error: [ Error ] : intif_parse_Mail_delete: char not found 150384 [ Error ] : intif_parse_Mail_delete: char not found 154439 Does anyone know how to fixt it? Or I need to open an issue on github? Thanks in advance.
  2. this is true. maybe you can open an issue on github. I remember that RA dev they tested once before, and they can not reproduce this issue, but I could be wrong.
  3. prontera,145,182,6 script doubleExp 4W_F_KAFRA2,{ [email protected] = 10000; // Zeny required for heal [email protected] = 0; // Also buff players? (1: yes / 0: no) [email protected] = 3600; // Heal delay, in seconds if (@EB > gettimetick(2)) end; if ([email protected]) { message strcharinfo(0), "Cost " + callfunc("F_InsertComma",[email protected]) + " Zeny."; if (Zeny < [email protected]) end; if (select("^0055FFUes it^000000:^777777Cancel^000000") == 2) end; Zeny -= [email protected]; } specialeffect2 EF_HEAL2; percentheal 100,100; if ([email protected]) { sc_start SC_EXPBOOST,3600000,50; sc_start SC_JEXPBOOST,3600000,50; } if ([email protected]) @EB = gettimetick(2) + [email protected]; end; } try this one, don't use @reloadmobdb
  4. I have this issue too, then I get ride of this script, I made an npc to give double exp stats to solve this problem. Haven't test double exp script on the lastest RA thought.
  5. awesome! it's working. Thank you so much.
  6. Hello, I just tried this method, it didn't work, do I have to add something in the client side file? where can I find the type 13 reference? Thanks.
  7. How to make this new cart working in the game? Thanks in advance.
  8. I am not able to update load mob zip file, no matter what I do, it does not read and convert and add into sql table, after I upload the zip file, I can find the folder with actual files in public_html foler. I appreciate if anyone can help me on this, been trying for 2 days.
  9. Looking for item #19111 Laser of Eagle Chance to transform become Shechil while attacking script. thanks in advance.
  10. no update so far. it's fixed in 2020 client.
  11. the offical ra GeffenMagicTournament.txt is located at \GitHub\rathena\npc\re\scripts_athena.conf you also need to uncomment in the instance_db.yml hope this fix your problem.
  12. you need first to create an custom item, then add items you want to give in the item_package.txt. You can find an offical egg or box as an example. You also need to give your custom box an id in the const.txt file. 1. create custom item. eg: 22953,Enchant_Stone_Box7,Enchant_Stone_Box7,18,10,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ getgroupitem(IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7); },{},{} 2. add your egg or box id in const.txt eg: IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7 1028 3. add your items in the item_package.txt ( you need to read the doc at the very top to configure the database structure) eg: IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,6963,2,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,6964,1,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,6999,2,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,25000,2,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,6943,3,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,6642,3,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,25016,3,1 IG_Enchant_Stone_Box7,6944,3,1
  13. Thank you for the reply. However, these methods do not solve the problem. You can test it if you don't mind. I have tested it, and tried many different way, not still can not figure out where to make this work.
  14. I believe it's the problem of penalty. Find level_penalty.txt, delete the drop penalty inside the txt.
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