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  1. 1. Rathena forum do make use of search function and question is did you know it's located at top right of the forum page ??? 2. Search first before you even do the asking. 3. you request might go unanswered if it's already answer. or it's everywhere already.
  2. First off did you read the first line of the script you posted?? It says it's for hercules???? second this is rathena script support section... unless you got the wrong section of course ( should post at script request instead) third : rathena has it's own warper why not use that one??? which is located at Rathena\npc\custom\warper.txt lastly: since this is support and you wanted specific episode , you are on you own on that...( which means you need to do that DIY )
  3. Buy it from somebody who script really well or wait for it...!!!
  4. Why do you need this "unlimited" any way??? in official people use MVP card or somekind of valuable ( like refined + 20 of some god like equip or weapon) as base to use in trade to replace zeny ... in private server people tend to use coin trader ( or event stuff ) to convert zeny to gold silver platinum or mitril coin as a replacer for zeny.... just curiously why would you choose to have that "UNlimitED" need of zeny??? any how???
  5. Attendance system. Script ONLY! 1. bindatcmd 2. query_sql required?? 3. afk or idle checker (script command only???) unless you crack the client and recompile it!
  6. Nah 30 seconds to start a computer or SSD 5 seconds at most to start a computer??? SSD is the trend for main Hard Drive (system drive) lol...unless you are stocking up movie music and games then HDD...
  7. In msgstringtable.txt on line 3458, replace that line with # Side Note + Edit: Well you may need google translate this back to portuguese
  8. Sad thing is you can't use anything lower than window 7 on SSD Drive which is shitty.
  9. change in (yes to no) ?? rathena\conf\battle.conf // Should ammo be unequipped when unequipping a weapon? // Official behavior is "yes". ammo_unequip: yes
  10. A few things you need : 1. OnPCLoadMapEvent: 2. *checkhomcall() Check if homun exist 3. atcommand @useskill + homun rest (AM_REST)
  11. A few things you will need: -%TAB%itemshop%TAB%<NPC Name>%TAB%<sprite id>,<costitemid>{:<discount>},<itemid>:<price>{,<itemid>:<price>...} *callshop "<name>",<option>; check >> Rathena/doc/script_commands.txt for explaination
  12. Another alternatives will be ask somebody who has played on that server to rewrite those script for you and pay them handsomely...
  13. utofaery


    Actually searching the forum yields this results...
  14. if ( ([email protected] & EAJL_THIRD) && ( BaseLevel > 174 ) ) { mes ( "you are third and 175 level" ) ; } if ( !([email protected] & EAJL_THIRD) && !(BaseLevel > 174 ) ) { mes ( "you are not third and not 175 level" ) ; }
  15. that script is only in part and you need npc header and closing for that script to work..
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