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About Me

Proud to be a Server Owner and progressing slowly on learning @ Rathena.

I'm no pro in Journey of Ragnarok Online and are constantly learning whenever and wherever possible.

However i understand the struggle and frustration that newbie whom is constantly trying very hard to get or achieve something in this community; unless you're lucky enough to find someone whom is good or kind enough to be as helpful as possible.

With this, i would like to offer my limited knowledge to anyone whom are in need of help in adding custom items (Headgears & Eqs or even Robes) FOR FREE.... Just drop me an PM/inbox or even Discord me if you really need help on this. P/S : Don't worry, i wont ask for your custom items... 😛 Im helping genuinely as i truly understand how does it feels for constantly failing and so on as a newbie around the neighborhood. 

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