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    request script

    hi im using eamod here is the script Crystilia,56,88,6 script Reset Girl 408,{ mes "[Reset Girl]"; mes "I am a Reset Girl."; mes "Reset Stats: 1,000,000z"; mes "Reset Skills: 1,000,000z"; mes "Hatred & Feeling Reset: 5,000,000z"; mes "Reset Both: 1,500,000z"; mes "Please select the service you want:"; next; switch(select("Reset Skills:Reset Stats:Reset Both:Hatred & Feeling Reset:Quit")) { case 1: mes "[Reset Girl]"; if (Zeny < 1000000) { mes "Sorry, you don't have enough Zeny."; close; } mes "Alright, here we go now.. Remember, changes won't take effect until you log back on!"; set Zeny,zeny-1000000; ResetSkill; close; case 2: mes "[Reset Girl]"; if (Zeny < 1000000) { mes "Sorry, you don't have enough Zeny."; close; } mes "Alright, here we go now.. Remember, changes won't take effect until you log back on!"; set Zeny,zeny-1000000; ResetStatus; close; case 3: mes "[Reset Girl]"; if (Zeny < 1500000) { mes "Sorry, you don't have enough Zeny."; close; } mes "Alright, here we go now.. Remember, changes won't take effect until you log back on!"; set Zeny,zeny-1500000; ResetSkill; ResetStatus; close; case 4: mes "[Reset Girl]"; if (Zeny < 5000000) { dispbottom "Sorry you dont have enough zeny to reset."; close; } if( BaseClass == Job_Star_Gladiator ) { dispbottom "You are not a Gladiator Job."; close; } atcommand "@feelreset"; atcommand "@hatredreset"; set Zeny,zeny-5000000; mes "Done"; close; case 5: close; } } i just want to add free reset for level 50 below
  2. cadz

    request script

    hi is there anyone can help me how to add script in default stats resetter if your level 50 below free stats and skill reset thanks in advance
  3. is this can be change like 5v5 guild or more?
  4. @bump any solution in this problem? same problem as mine.. anyone know please help us
  5. cadz


    glast_01,44,363,5 script Mount NPC 1098,{ set .npcName$,"Carrier"; mes "["+.npcName$+"]"; mes "Hi there adventurer!"; mes "your tired of walking"; next; switch(select("Yes:No")) { case 1: mes "["+.npcName$+"]"; mes "Okay here you go have fun with your mount"; getitem 12622,1; next; mes "["+.npcName$+"]"; mes "Remember sometimes take a little walk"; mes "Exercise is good for your health"; close; case 2: mes "["+.npcName$+"]"; mes "Okay get lost."; close; } } hi anyone can help me like this if inventorylist_equip = 12622 mes "sorry you have the item already"; close; done already fix thanks
  6. Dear. Players/Admins/GM/Mods Hi my name is Glicerio P. Gumatay Jr. im from Philippines i have friends and family in tacloban/samar/iloilo. I and my friends really want to help already send old clothes small amount money in using GMA Kapuso Foundation and my family in samar who's near in tacloban but i think its not enough so i decided ask all in rathena family. thru in GMA Kapuso Foundation (02) 982-7777 or until now 1 of my friend in iloilo didn't response in my text im worried she have 1 daughter single parent she is my classmate 2 years of my collage. still hoping she will answer me back. Thanks and Godbless to all.
  7. i dont have the script yet.. sorry i dont know where to start.
  8. hi good day i would like to request an npc that shows players who voted everyday... like Voters Votes 1.poporing 152 2.poring 43 3.magmaring 12 4.martin 5 you will see who will be the top voter in your server and can reseted the votes. is this possible?
  9. hi capuche how to read this? how to know if weapon refine and armor refine +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 and so on their success rates? // Level 4 weapons 4,700,5,1400,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,60:0,40:0,40:0,20:0,20:0,10:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,90:0,60:1200,60:1200,30:1200,30:1200,10:1200
  10. hi good day guys can anyone teach me how to edit the success rate of refining of bradium and carnium refinement in bestry npc? thanks in advance
  11. i think he's saying that if its possible to make renewal new monster new cards new items features into no 3rd job server but the stats and skills damage and other calculation is for pre-re
  12. cadz

    script request

    hi can anyone give me script like this in itemdb Increase resistance against human type monster by 10%, CRI+10. Increase the healing effect of Red Potion and White Potion by 100%. LUK+5, ASPD+1, ATK, MATK+3%. and Decrease 10% damage from human property monsters. Increase Mastela Fruit's recovery by 30% Decrease 3% of Variable Casting When refining over +12, decreases additional 1% on variable casting. hen refining over +14, decreases additional 1% on variable casting. Total reduction is up to 5%. thanks a lot in advance. =)
  13. cadz

    client problem

    hi im having a problem lately the client stop working when woe start after a few minute they stuck and need to relog again. there is no problem in map char login server i check it out dont know how to fix this anyone please help me thanks in advance. im using 20120410 i used ShinsDiffPatcher
  14. cadz

    +1 refiner

    thanks euphy euphy i for got how to add the refine deeds? like if +11 +10 + 9 armor refined deeds and armor?
  15. hi capuche how to make npc that @refresh works only in gvg and pvp. or you can @refresh only every 30mins.
  16. cadz

    +1 refiner

    hi i would like to request a refine that you need premium ticket for addtional +1 refine like example i have +7 weapon i got prem ticket then i talk to the refiner he will +1 my weapon 100% nothing more. thanks and more power to the scripters!
  17. do i need to recompile or edit in src?
  18. still the same. is there anyway to edit the ghostproperty def? i think in renewal 30% reduce damage to neutrals in pre-re is 75% i would like to change the 30% to 75%
  19. hi good day i would like to request how to change the ghostring card and deviling card to pre-re because in renewal they are reduced. thanks in advance
  20. hi there anyone purchase harmony? i emailed them many times but they didn't reply even one please help me
  21. cadz


    i check the script but the npc that give the prize didnt show up