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  1. it isnt same map from http://rathena.org/board/files/file/667-hunters-village-based-on-a-lineage-2-map/ ?
  2. http://supportmii.com/ro1/Clients/
  3. urls SVN died?
  4. you need kro renewal
  5. go keep update from kro/kro renewal..
  6. @Syouji super thanks. but i have other question. where i can buttons FLIP only south/west/east/north i dislike Ctrl+mouse it looks some fail from move.. but not V and H keyboard just others.. nvm i found it already. Whitecash,
  7. hi Aerie.. Do you know how i can make Screen of Browedit to large? it looks small on my screen 23 inch
  8. i tried all time download it shows 2011-12-20data_j2.gpf doenst work.. always Failed to retrieve it 2011_12_20 is never done (23101440/23110706) download =/(it keeps reload updates but never 100%) then it say Failed to retrieve 2011-12-20data_j2.gpf... any someone know how to fixed? still Thx you..if you try help me. nvm fixed it when my torrents is off.
  9. O.o who cant forget 1 april ?XD
  10. hurry use .net or else sold out
  11. when it gonna add in ur grf tools GRF Merge Fast GRF Filter and Search Open Multiple GRFs in another tab Transfer files between tabs Live preview of files in the grf On the spot editing of grf files i like those feature
  12. @Brian, Thanks you =) small qeustion about : mysqldump : Got error: 1130: Host 'xx.xxx.xxx.xxxip' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server when trying to connect.
  13. haha very nice Euro i like it
  14. hi Brian , i still cant download ur backup_ragnarok.sh , can you please re-upload it? =)