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  1. I've already changed the script in the SVN ;D Just replace this file :
  2. This kind of error appears sometimes with this script command but don't worry it changes nothing. For avoid this error I up to date server/quests/Abysses.txt (Move the script command calling for hide a NPC after those NPC called)
  3. I corrected texture folder, here a patch : Ars-Schall-Texturefix.rar (add as new grf or merge with basic ones). I still don't know why those textures don't work but this patch will resolve it ;D If you have some improvment in mind let me know !
  4. Well, I found how make them works but I still don't understood why this happend. I just have to open each file make a small modification (a pixel) then save the modification then it works. I look to proprieties of the file not differences ... but it works ...
  5. It seems that there is a problem in latest client with custom textures. Arsinoe and Schallmar packs works fine with 2011 clients but in latest versions like 2012-04-10 one. Some textures are load (very few and always same) and most of them not. Did you ever ever occured this kind of problem ? Did they modify someting in the grf structure ? Any solution ?
  6. I'll try on a newer client mine is old now but I didn't occure those problems. For flying character don't worry, it's normal, it's for quests (Flying or Sailing) when NPC disguise you. If you got problem with walking NPC update your emulator, the bug have been resolved.
  7. Here you'll have all ressources from the alpha version : alphamaps.rar and here NPC : But did you look for Alpha version of morocc or the one before the destruction ? Should be this one : [Map]Old-Morroc.rar but if they deleted ressources and models in latest version of kRO you have to pick them in an older client ... I surely have them somewhere ...
  8. For the quest it comes from your quests_db.txt, you surely have an error or let an espace when you paste arsinoe quests. Use // for comment space lines for avoid errors. No error message in the map-server when it loads the db ? I tested on the latest rA version and it was fine. (Also it won't block characters in the quest, it's just for the questlog) For the warp error, I modify the script -Check latest Introduction.txt :, It works without the modification, it just show a debug message because I was using a string variable for a number ... A problem for the latest version of rAthena is the npcwalkto scriping command who didn't work.
  9. Thanks for your reply ;D This kind of work have only an interest when it shared with the highest number of player, It took me around 2 years for complete both continents and it'll be sad to see only 50 players test it ! The elu.txt file have been corrected. I'll DL the latest version of the client for check how those LUA files works. TxT files no more supported ?
  10. It would be great too, just take latest version of the svn files, all languages are in the same file so we can make a multilanguage support. You can try in this file, not really a huge one : (already 5 languages in this one : french, english, spanish, russian and tagalog). For portuguese use those variables : $EP7_LANGUE,5 and $ep7_LangChoice-32 and for functions use : Send me each file when it's done then I'll commit them to the svn ;D
  11. mob_db.txt have been fixed for revision 15531+
  12. I've updated the SVN, errors must be resolve now. - Update mob_db.txt files (SQL was already up to date). Use rev.15531+ file or previous revision file. - Change of mapflag restriction - Added src modification for increaze the nomber of mob and quests allowed. You can have some Attempting to hide / Show NPC errors, it won't change anything.
  13. @toohot22 : I'll test all this week-end with the lastest version of emulator. @doug_one : It'll be great to have a portuguese version (only some files translated). But I don't get your question ... Duplicate same method as other language, all menus are in function, copy/paste functions (bottom of script) and add a callfunction in the NPC script. Portuguese language variable is $EP7_LANGUE,5 and $ep7_LangChoice-32
  14. It happens often when some models are out of the map or in the border of your map. First try to calculate lightmaps without models, if it works it comes from models then delete models on borders.
  15. Nice sprite ;D But I can't use it, I got a crash when I'm using it ... Did it works for you IG ?