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  1. amigo sabes porque me tira este error al compilar
  2. Hello, I bought this system, could you help me, I get this error when compiling
  3. How can I do so that arrow shower does not damage the traps and that neither can the traps be attacked with normal attack thanks
  4. friends I have a question I have this koe script there will be a way that when they win koe the npc hides but until all of the winning guild have left the map if they could help me I would thank you koe.txt
  5. Thank you very much that works well for me.
  6. Someone could help me because I get that it does not give the woe awards I am using Euphy's WOE Controller version 1.5 if you could help me I would appreciate it
  7. somer14

    @gstorage problem

    debo modificar el src? porque agregue en guild agregue pero no funciona
  8. somer14

    @gstorage problem

    you have to restart or is there a command to reload
  9. Hello, how can I put server status and online players on this website in advance, thanks
  10. ohhh thank you very much the problem was that I removed the 4049 from 2nd Classes & Baby 2nd Classes to add it with the Star Gladiator thanks for your help
  11. Here it is I had to put it back in the db of the solu linker because it gave me an error and it did not let me upload the job of any pj job_exp.txt
  12. I did it before all the jobs I can change the max job lvl except the soul linker
  13. I already did it but it doesn't work with @reloadskilldb is it enough?
  14. Good could you help me change the max job lvl of soul linker I have not managed to change it all the other job so I have the skill db //Job - 2nd Classes & Baby 2nd Classes, Soul Linker 120,7:8:9:10:11:12:13:14:15:16:17:18:19:20:21:4030:4031:4032:4033:4034:4035:4036:4037:4038:4039:4040:4041:4042:4043:4044:4049:4051:4052,1,144,184,284,348,603,887,1096,1598,2540,3676,4290,4946,6679,9492,12770,14344,16005,20642,27434,35108,38577,42206,52708,66971,82688,89544,96669,117821,144921,174201,186677,199584,238617,286366,337147,358435,380376,447685,526989,610246,644736,793535,921810,1106758,1260955,1487304,1557657,1990632,2083386,999999999 first of all, Thanks
  15. el cliente de la carpeta data pre-renewall si lee los item customs nuevos?
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