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  1. I'll try very well and I'll tell you how it went
  2. but i've looked at it on older clients
  3. Can anyone tell me how to put this login interface that I searched for and can't find anything regarding thanks?
  4. hola podrias campartir la data en español?
  5. ohh it works already I loaded it only using loadnpc and I did reloadscript and the items appeared is it normal?
  6. https://pastebin.com/Yiww5PY7 ready thanks for the help
  7. I only translated it, I did not make any other changes, it does not give me any error in the map
  8. Hello how are you? you know why the store comes up with an apple
  9. hello you know why it gives me this error to put it in Bound_Guild error: [Warning]: script: run_func: return without callfunc or callsub! [Debug]: Source (NPC): Guild Master # gp1 at veil (63,176)
  10. amigo sabes porque me tira este error al compilar
  11. Hello, I bought this system, could you help me, I get this error when compiling
  12. How can I do so that arrow shower does not damage the traps and that neither can the traps be attacked with normal attack thanks
  13. friends I have a question I have this koe script there will be a way that when they win koe the npc hides but until all of the winning guild have left the map if they could help me I would thank you koe.txt
  14. Thank you very much that works well for me.
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