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  1. Thank sir @LearningRO the site is running now but I have this kind of theme some features is not in the right place and missing menu does the files given to me is not updated?
  2. What a pain, I can't find his user in discord
  3. I just brought this theme but I already have a problem after change my theme to this one It wont display anything except for the loading .
  4. Thanks It Solved already
  5. Thanks its solved now I use 2015 11 04 clients
  6. Hi po Ask po ulit ako Pano po palitan ung theme ng Party Window ko? Gusto ko sana gawin same sa Number 1, ung simple lang para hindi ma lag thank you po
  7. Pano po alisin to? nag aapear before ma punta sa login page eh
  8. Hi Can How about this? How can I remove this so that the client will directly go to login page
  9. Hi, good day, I need to ask some guide and tips to our pro dev here, I'm still new and still learning to create a server As of now after 2 weeks of configuring and research my server is already working using default rathena (latest ver ) and default client (latest ver) in a OVH, Not changing anything in databases and config except for IP address to work in my vps. Im Planning to make Episode 10.2 : Lighthalzen Base and Job Level: 99/70 Max ASPD: 190 Max Stats: 99 Mode : Pre Renewal the other I can already make and set it to what I like Base and Job Level: 99/70 Max ASPD: 190 Max Stats: 99 Mode : Pre Renewal but not the episode, Episode 10.2 : Lighthalzen as of now I still don't know what episode my default server now, How to check btw? what should I do to make it episode 10.2? any guide already post? How about Security? - should I need to config some IP or something in rathena folder? How about in Client Side? Should I hide or remove something? Can you guys give some keywork to search? what important part should I do before making it to Public I'm already in wall, I cant breakthrough -_- Sorry I got to many question., BTW how to remove this message "Do you agree" Box every time I open the Client? It must be direct to login menu. Thank you Sorry for bad English
  10. Good Day Everyone,. Anyone have an idea on how to hide some tabs using script? hiding i want to hide them when some user enter on that map,. actually it like just pressing F11,. but how to use is in script? I hope someone will give me idea. Thank you so much. -Novice Ace
  11. Any idea guys? need help
  12. Good day guys,. Im trying to make an instance map,. I already clone some existing map but the problem is I cant add my new instance map to instance_db.txt because i dont have that files in db/pre-re/ i already tried to make it, but my server wont read it., any idea on what is happening? thank you - Novice Ace
  13. Good Day Everyone Im asking again for this newbie question What is the script for this kind of status effect? (Or maybe not) it make all the screen black and the player cant move i want to put it in some of my script i hope someone give me idea. Thanks -Novice Ace
  14. Thanks sir, but im doing this script for customize starting point (respawn points of new created character) its like a tutorial for the beginners so expected that there is many character doing this interaction. demo: When user created new character, they will respawn in my customize map,. then they need to talk to the Intruductioner, so than the guard will move for the next step of the guide but because it is a starting point im expecting that there will be more than 1 player at the same time doing this especially if the server is just open. ------------ i like the idea of duplicating the guard npc but,. i cant think of a way on how it works? should i line them, then if there is new character enter the first in line will move,. then when another player enter,. the second in the line will move and so on,. is that possible? hmmm Thank you for reading,. EDIT: I try searching and the best idea i get is making a map instance for it,. Now im searching on how to make one
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