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  1. Job Sprites located on ¿© = Female ³² = Male
  2. same thing as functor said move #if PACKETVER >= 20141008 if( battle_config.pet_autofeed_always ){ // Always send ON or OFF ..... and #if PACKETVER >= 20170920 if( battle_config.homunculus_autofeed_always ){ // Always send ON or OFF ..... to `after` // Notify everyone that this char logged in [Skotlex]. map_foreachpc(clif_friendslist_toggle_sub, sd->status.account_id, sd->status.char_id, 1);
  3. Case Solved Need to use this Patch (Nemo) Default value is 13, need to change to 20. Thanks
  4. Hello rA, anyone know what happen on my font like 30% try to hide from something. the better result should be like this Client Version 20180919 What i do 1. Change langtype on clientinfo.xml. FAIL 2. Use translalation from zackdreaver/asheraf. FAIL 3. Without translation (Clean kRO). FAIL 4. Use Recommended Patch/Minimum from Nemo. FAIL Thanks
  5. im not sure but you can check on script_commands with
  6. Imperial Glove is a jRO item i guess, you can find the sprites and texture on jRO client. for later on you can download fresh jRO client on https://ragnarokonline.gungho.jp/beginner/download.html dont worry no need to register just press download and update the grf with ai4rei tools for future on. here we go the files on attachment below Imperial Glove.rar
  7. you got me thanks for the answer. case solved
  8. thank you functor for the answer, but the problem is on that link not the RE version and i try to pack with Nemo most of patch is fail. back on that site i found 2018-09-19aRagexeRE on clients info. but on download page there is no 2018-09-19aRagexeRE i also try to change the parameters to get the file to the result show 5mb file size and fail to patch with Nemo thank you
  9. Hello rAthena, anyone have client version 2018-09-19aRagexeRE thanks