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  1. You can try MySQL workbench or you can try Laragon. Both have similar gui. Since you already have a server up, im guessing you installed your mysql database already? Just use aGUI based workbench and open the char and account tables inside the database.
  2. Yes. Gravity doesn't approve unless you use Aegis. Which is expensive compared to opensource emulators.
  3. If you use Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio to edit your files, you can search the whole solution for the constants. We can't tell you the exact npc. But my guess would be a job changer npc or something related to Jobs.
  4. DCMA claims have been made for various reason. Gravity does not care if you use blockcain or any other technology. As long as there's a copyright infringement, they can take you down. Servers have been taken down on the grounds that they used gravity resources. rAthena is an opensouce emulator which was built from scratch. It does not fall under this category. But the client files are gravity owned and the server administrators may use them at their own risk.
  5. You probably forgot to add the grf file with the sprites inside the rar to your data.ini
  6. It’s your npc scripts that are giving you that warning. Find the npc script that is using the deprecated constants and replace them with the new constants. That’ll remove those warnings.
  7. The character data is in char table of your ragnarok database. The account data is in Login table.
  8. Keep it as a separate grf and add an entry in Data.ini to read the grf before your default grf. That’ll load the sprites. You will also need to add the items to itemdb on server to be able to use the sprites in game.
  9. Since OP hasn't answered the question but marked it as solved. The atiumdag.dll needs to be deleted or renamed and it will fix this issue. This happens on PC where there's AMD based graphic drivers.
  10. Okay let me change a script a bit.
  11. Try VS 2019 community edition. It's works fine for me with latest rA.
  12. This usually happens when your conf/ files are not set properly.
  13. no he means https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/re/item_noequip.txt This with a GVG mapflag will work.
  14. Why would you do it as a script when there's a mapflag for it? Try to find out why your mapflag isn't working. If you can share your mapflag config then someone will help.
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