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  1. xFoo

    Add custom box

    how to make the items with quantity?
  2. Thanks @gidzdlcrz i will try this one..
  3. Hi Guys, Is there anyone here that made this working for Soul Link Modification? Can i have a copy? Please Thank you! 1. Lord Knight - Enable to use One Hand Quicken, Permanent Endure 2. High Priest - Double/Triple Damage of Holy Light, Increase Heal from max 32767 3. High Wizard - Magic Damage +50%, HP +50% 4. Whitesmith - Cart Boost cannot be dispelled, Movement Speeed +50% 5. Paladin - Grand Cross Damage +50%, Shield Chain Damage +200% 6. Champion - Has a 5% chance to cast Asura strike when used Asura Strike(DoubleAsura), FO damage 20% 7. Professor - Magic Damage +50%, HP +50% 8. Creator - Increase Slim Potion Pitch +200%, Acid/Grenade Bottles doesn't consume 9. Ninja - Final Strike Skill doesn't make your HP get 1, instead HP doesn't affect your final strike 10. Gunslinger - HP +20%, Casting Time Rate -50% 11. Sniper - HP +20%, Increase Double Strafe Damage & Sharp Shooting +20% 12. Super Novice - Enable to use Devotion, Reflect Shield, Auto Guard, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm, Cart Termination, Bowling Bash.
  4. Not working as of May 13, 2020 Can anyone give us a working one? Thank you!
  5. Hi @AnnieRuru How can i add more rooms? for example, I want to add the ff maps on your script. pvp_n_1-1 pvp_n_2-1 pvp_n_3-1 pvp_n_4-1 pvp_n_5-1 pvp_n_6-1 pvp_n_7-1 pvp_n_8-1
  6. Hi Guys, How can I make the script work on all character? I tried changing to // -- Usable for Only 1 Time set .Based,1; // [ 0 - Account Based / 1 - Character Based ] But nothing happened
  7. How to disable the 3rd skill tree when changing the dress to 3rd job? Thank you!
  8. Hi, Anyone knows how to make this an auto event? The event should start every 3 hours and ends every 1 hr. Also there will be an NPC that sells the Rod and Lure for only 3 minutes and then will disappear. Thank you in advance guys! fishing.txt
  9. Hi Guys, As the title says, that is what currently happening to my client. When I tried to add a new item with class number 2000 it is having some error like missing .act and .spr it also crashes my Client. I tried putting the custom item to 1999 class number and it works fine. Did this happened to you guys? Help please! Thank you!
  10. I just copied the working client from my PC to my phone and then link the AndRO app and that's it.. I'm having issues with the clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x0010, 3 bytes received)
  11. i got mine working but after when i logged in.. after few minutes of playing..there will be an error on the server which is clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x0010, 3 bytes received) and the AndRO client crashes..have you guys encountered this error before? Please help..thank you!
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