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  1. Tanlor

    Renewal Exp

    What are this bumps? Check https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/re/job_exp.txt and compare with yours.
  2. It'll increase HP, but consequently it'll increase the HP-Based Damage Skills, like PA_SACRIFICE or NJ_ISSEN
  3. Procura lá em conf/battle/monster.conf // Should HP bars be shown for monsters? // 2012-04-04aRagexeRE or higher client required. monster_hp_bars_info: yes
  4. Tanlor

    ADD Rops

    //By Brian //http://rathena.org/board/user/237-brian/ prontera,156,178,4 script ChangeMe 910,{ if (getgmlevel() < 10) end; set [email protected], getcharid(3); // save their RID mes "Hello GM"; mes "Enter the char's name:"; input [email protected]$; query_sql "SELECT `account_id`,`name` FROM `char` WHERE `name` = '"+escape_sql([email protected]$)+"'", [email protected]_id,[email protected]$; if ([email protected]_id) { mes "^FF0000 This player doesn't exist!"; close; } mes "How many cash point would you like give to^0000FF " + [email protected]$ + "^000000?"; input [email protected]; if ([email protected] < 1) { mes "^FF0000 Amount must be positive."; close; } mes " "; mes "Give "[email protected]+" cash points to "[email protected]$+"?"; if(select("Yes:No")==2) close; if (attachrid([email protected]_id)) { set #CASHPOINTS, #CASHPOINTS + [email protected]; dispbottom "Gained "[email protected]+" cash points. Total "+#CASHPOINTS+" points"; } else { query_sql "SELECT COUNT(`account_id`) FROM `global_reg_value` WHERE `str`='#CASHPOINTS' AND `account_id`='"[email protected]_id+"'", [email protected]; if ([email protected]) query_sql "UPDATE `global_reg_value` SET `value` = (CAST(`value` AS UNSIGNED)+'"[email protected]+"') WHERE `str`='#CASHPOINTS' AND `account_id`='"[email protected]_id+"'"; else query_sql "INSERT INTO `global_reg_value` (`str`,`value`,`type`,`account_id`) VALUES ('#CASHPOINTS',"[email protected]+",2,"[email protected]_id+")"; } attachrid([email protected]); mes "Gave "[email protected]+" cash points to "[email protected]$+"."; announce "GM "+strcharinfo(0)+" gave to "[email protected]$+" "[email protected]+" Cash Points",bc_all; close; } Try it.
  5. If they aren't the same, you need to put LAN IP where says LAN IP, WAN IP where says WAN IP. But in my opinion, i suggest you to grab the cheapest VPS you can find on market just to test it. If you want to bring the server online for testing or setup a multi-development, that's the ideal. My server got a Canada host (with high ping from my Country, about 250ms) just for development and when we finished it, we transfered it to a Country localhost.
  6. Check it here: https://rathena.org/thirdpartyservices/
  7. Are you using sclientinfo.xml or clientinfo.xml? You need to use sclientinfo.xml version on data folder for that Hexed.
  8. Check it here: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Install-on-Windows On Configuring part. You basically only need to edit the Conf files.
  9. Check rAthena/conf/battle/skill.conf // Does the delay time depend on the caster's DEX and/or AGI? (Note 1) // Note: On Official servers, neither Dex nor Agi affect delay time delay_dependon_dex: no delay_dependon_agi: no Even with that options set to yes, the skill_cast_db.txt should be affected when you edit it. If isn't, check if the skill_cast_db.txt you're editing is the one for your episode (pre-renewal and renewal)
  10. Tanlor

    como traduzo?

    Em português: O arquivo responsável pelas descrições dos itens é o arquivo iteminfo.lua ou iteminfo.lub (varia conforme você escolheu diffando seu Hexed) localizado na sua pasta System. Só editar e salvar, seu Client lê o arquivo e atualiza as descrições toda vez que você inicia. Procurando na internet você até acha alguns prontos em português. English: The description file are iteminfo.lua or iteminfo.lub (it depends on how you choose it when diffing your hexed) and you can find it on System folder. You only need to edit and save, and the Client will load the file everytime you start it. Searching on internet you can find some in Portuguese.
  11. Não tenho muita experiência com Flux, mas nosso servidor sempre apoia os novos desenvolvedores. Sua ideia parece interessante! Caso tenha interesse em testar num servidor real, só mandar PM. Dica: o rAthena tem uma aba de suporte ao FluxCP no Discord, quem sabe não te respondam mais rápido lá? Mas só em inglês..
  12. That works! Thank you so much!
  13. There's any way to allow Storage Acess with can_trade: false on groups.conf? Already tried a lot of ways by scripting, like atcommand "@storage"; charcommand "@storage"; openstorage; openstorage2; But no sucess.
  14. OMG that's just perfect for some people that miss with .DLL's and something like. Keep going!
  15. Working fine here, the Skill count Named Slim Potions for the skill... Maybe you're failing cause of Level? You know, the type of the potion used depends of the Level of SPP. RagnaSunny _ Gepard Shield 3.0 (^-_-^) 22_02_2019 18_29_33.mp4