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  1. U need to know your mysql/phpmyadmin username and password. After that u can change the details in conf/inter-athena.conf
  2. Amir Azman

    Flux cp error

    refused. Try check your firewall
  3. Well.. ive create this issue before :
  4. Hello, that is Random Option System .
  5. most probably accessoryID and accname if you already add all the sprite. or else, your itemdb viewID
  6. you didnt have the palette files then.
  7. told ya... diff client 64k hairstyle
  8. diff your client 64k hairstyles and check your hair color palette. maybe didnt have in your GRF
  9. I dont understand your question but... I think your question regarding renewal drop src/config/renewal.h /// Renewal drop rate algorithms /// (disable by commenting the line) /// /// Leave this line to enable renewal item drop rate algorithms /// While enabled a special modified based on the difference between the player and monster level is applied /// Based on the table #define RENEWAL_DROP
  10. 1. rename izlude map to the pvp map name. 2. insert in your GRF/patcher. 3. download your mapcache.dat , use wee mapcache and add the new map inside it. 4. restart server
  11. Amir Azman

    Help- ME

    your default password s1 /p1 as it told. Check your login table in ragnarok database. makesure it is the same as what you set in conf/char-athena and map-athena
  12. What you need to change : src/char/int_guild about max capacity calculation initialization and also at guild extension code < src/common/mmo.h for new calculation If you're going to reduce the member capacity, better for you to wipe all related guild databases first including guild id in every character.
  13. use zack dreaver data folder. Then paste the Pre-Re data folder. Good luck.
  14. check your iteminfo.lua or .lub. The path written in the error is there. Usually for normal items the path should be in korean (if encoded open in korean). Depends on the resource name there.