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  1. Try to open your domain. You should can access your domain before pointing it.
  2. u type 'rangarok' and ragnarok but in screenshot ragnarok and ragnarok.
  3. add your voting sites then. Make sure you already run 3 sql for voteforpoints .
  4. From what I understand, the first devotion + defender works, but for the next time devo , the defender isnt work . Which means they need to retoggle the devo to make it works again.
  5. what client date ? I think u should edit iteminfo.lua
  6. remove all cp_ tables... then rename your server name in config/servers.php OR just remove all the FluxCP files and reinstall again.
  7. Try restart server ? Maybe you are using @reloadskilldb which have issue if you're using older than github latest commit right now.
  8. Actually, theres a few reports sending to me regarding this too. It happens randomly, I didnt manage to get any further details.
  9. Then you need to update it by yourself. Or if theres any pull request from rAthena github, u can use that.
  10. read about cast in renewal mechanism and use items/equipments that can reduce it. or try Angra Manyu [0] [One Hand] Item ID# 1599 (Angra_Manyu)? Since that Item have this effect bonus bVariableCastrate,-100; bonus bFixedCastrate,-100;
  11. hello, 20180620 didnt use clientinfo.xml anymore. Its using sclientinfo.xml
  12. if ( checkidle() >= 900 ) { }
  13. Amir Azman


    Read at README here :
  14. make sure u already installed fluxcp latest version or run this SQL