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  • Mystic Project 5 - Divine Ascension RO

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    Base EXP Job EXP Quest EXP Base Drop Equips Drop Cards Drop MVP Equips Drop MVP Card Drop
    15x 15x 10x 20x 20x 0x 20x 0.10x

    Mystic Project: Classic RO +End-Game Expansion !

    • Mystic Project 1 - Mystic RO. (2002~2004)
    • Mystic Project 2 - Realm RO. (2004~2006)
    • Mystic Project 3 - Garden Angel RO. (2006~2008)
    • Mystic Project 4 - Derniere Genese RO. (2010~2012)
    • Mystic Project 5 - Divine Ascension RO. (2020~)

    All projects were based on the concept of customs. We tried our best to be as close as balance and perfection while having features that won't exist anywhere.
    Our goal is to create an environment that players have never seen before. Something that goes beyond anything you can imagine from Ragnarok Online.
    This last opus have deployed all we could do and will probably be the last. All features and things that we've created the past 15years are finally coming together and making a beautiful and perfect harmony.


    Client 2020+
    Adapted renewal contents to pre-re (mobs included)
    Multi-Class Specializations System, Reborns, Lv 5 Weapon, Gems,
    Daily Achievements, WoE Domination, Nightmare Dungeons, Elite Monsters,
    Whole New Continent, World Boss, Invasions, Quality System, New Qpet System,
    Zodiac Signs, New Summoner (FF-like), Benediction System (Chances to invoke Giant Monsters, Treasure Chests, ...)
    Activities (Fishing, Mining, Learning, Hunting, Brewing, Cooking), New Mount System (with skills),
    Advanced Casino, automatic npc scenes and more.


    - Discord: https://discord.gg/kX64AUz5

    - Wiki: http://mysticprojectro.com/wiki/

    - Website: http://mysticprojectro.com/




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