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  1. Project finished! Soon I'll be posting it here... ^^
  2. Hi, @Emistry... Glad to hear this! I'm really a fan of your work! It inspired me a lot. But about the project, I'm about to release a beta, and yes, I can teach you how to make the files needed to the autocomplete part, as I'm almost finishing the Syntax Recognition, that is probably 95% of the challenging job (work with RegEx, Python and some things I do not understand yet haha). But sure I'll contact you, so you can help too... THANKS!
  3. Hi! Recently I've been doing some modifications in Sublime Text 3 to make it accept some commands and markups of the Cronus language (similar to rAthena). I know there's a lack of a complete and open source IDE to support this language with markup colors for different things and commands auto complete functions. I plan to add some other functions as a quick shop and quest maker. I've been making this as a priority project just to help the team of developers that helped me so much when I was beginning to work with this... Just to show how is it up to now: I've doing this for 5 days, so, it's still incomplete... If you have any suggestion ou critics, just tell, me! Thanks!
  4. Man... I'm really amazed with this script... But is it only for SQL? 'Cause um my server, it enters into a infinite loop... If so, could you please modify it for TXT servers too? Just if you can, of course... ^^
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