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  1. Angel Portal can go through and Devil Portal will teleport you to where you start.(it will reset the position for the next round) Vortex : when you stand on the vortex you will get freeze. Plasma : when you stand close to Plasma, you will struck by lightning. Random Show up Portal : the portal on the ground will random move and show up, if you get in it, you will be move to the start point. PoisonSmoke : you will get hurt if you are close to it, and also the ground have some healing point that you can use.(it will reset the position for the next round) RollingTeleport : the board will show which number of teleport is safe, wrong teleport will move you to the start point.
  2. As you can see in video, mobs will show up in center area, and the NPC will announce how many "XXX" in the area, you will get the score as high as quickly if you answer it right.
  3. The video content is mandarin. everyone has their own Porings and they got 3 times chance as well when your poring got kill, in a few seconds you will get your second chance if your porings all dead then you will out of the game. * You can't attack your own poring. * This scripts need to modify your source code.
  4. let the EQI_SHADOW_WEAPON slot can equip any special weapon you want and cover the your EQI_HAND_R weapon view ID. Its showcase only.
  5. The video content is mandarin. It's kind of like the game called Plant VS Zombie. You can upgrade your plant(Poring) to defense the zombie but it cost the sunshine as well It's long time ago script so I don't have the map anymore.... In this video,waitingroom shows how many sunshine do you have and the shining poring will let you get sunshine as much as quickly if your garden guardian is dead then you lose.
  6. The video content is mandarin. When game start, the BOSS EDDGA will show up. and everyone in this map will get some skill on hotkey all you need to do is follow the EDDGA. if you don't active the skill as same as EDDGA in time and you get fail.
  7. The video content is mandarin. As begin the bomb will pick one random of player and start counting down but it won't show up the count down time player can use skill throw the bomb to another player when the bomb end of counting down the player will out of the game anyone of player can live to the end is the winner.
  8. Sorry guys, the vedio is made with mandarin . The camp have a few functional NPC and a command @back: warp to the camp and get some support. heal : you can heal you teammate with NPC , the area will be 10x10. Jump: you can jump out the wall you choose and against the giant mobs. Shop: get whatever you need. The instance has 3 walls. When giants break down the defense line(mobs:1906) then the wall will goes disappear after 3 walls all gone and you lose. * You can't make any damage to defense lines only giants can. map and mobs are made by Soulestar
  9. sorry guys Im taiwanese so the vedio content is with mandarin. It's a special headgear storage You can put in your extra card to get extra bonus and also you can set what kind of bonus to each headgear but you can't store in the same headgear you can get back your headgear anytime.
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