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  1. mga boss pwd balaman kung paano mag lagay ng random values d2 s code na to example: RDMOPTG_Crimson_Weapon,25,RDMOPT_VAR_STRAMOUNT,0,0 gus2 ko po ung amount ng RDMOPT_VAR_STRAMOUNT random po, pano po b un, salamat po s mag rereply.
  2. raste28

    Custom Sprite collection and item

    what version can i get it?
  3. i want to learn how to open this option in Act Editor pls help me
  4. raste28

    Andro, clientinfo.xml

    does someone know how to change the clientinfo? its to expensive to buy
  5. raste28

    Act Editor layer merge

    good day to all, do someone know how to merge layer in Act Editor? i really want to know cuz im trying to make dual wield spr for knight, thanks in advance
  6. raste28

    can i use my own laptop to host fluxcp?

    @yuchinin hahaha srry im a noob
  7. raste28

    can i use my own laptop to host fluxcp?

    can you teach me how to use 00webhos?
  8. i just want to try hosting using my own pc can someone teach me how?
  9. i want to learn how to make my website online using my own laptop
  10. pls, help me. thanks
  11. raste28

    how to setup openserver and fluxcp

    oh my god thx thx so much its kinda frustating to install this fluxcp the web browser cant serch my website
  12. raste28

    how to setup openserver and fluxcp

    i just want to ask how to install fluxcp in openserver thx
  13. sana po may mka 2long nmn skin, wala p po ako nka up n server pero gus2 ko ma22nan kung paano mag host ng sariling website saka i link s server, paano po ba gawin madaming salamat po
  14. it dosent have a tutorial. im a newbie and i dont know how to apply it
  15. can som1 pls help me how to get this aura sprite?