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  1. Dev G Inc

    Quests, Games: Bombring

    tried the script but it seems after 1 round of game, it does not hide the NPC. the NPC that gives out the prize and it is bugged.
  2. File cannot be found
  3. Dev G Inc

    9 Towns in Map

    Great work! Hope to get this one soon!
  4. Hi, I did try it but it returns that there is none found. Will try it again!
  5. Hi! Currently on Step 16, ive encountered this error message as i was checking htttp://YOUR_IP/phpMyAdmin/
  6. Encountered: The value 'unstable' is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources 4) Install GCC and G++ compilers for C/C++ (programming language in which the rAthena server software is written): (IMPORTANT USE THESE COMMANDS ONE BY ONE DO NOT COPY ALL 4 AND PASTE IT INTO TERMINAL BECAUSE U NEED TO ACCEPT THE INSTALL BEFORE EXECUTING LN COMMANDS) Do not execute all of 4 commands at the same time, copy first command, wait until it finishes after that second and so on: apt-get install -t unstable gcc-5  apt-get install -t unstable g++-5  ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-5 /usr/bin/gcc  ln -s /usr/bin/g++-5 /usr/bin/g++
  7. Dev G Inc

    How to set Homunculus Autoloot?

    does this affect random drop by scripts? A customized global drop item that has chances?
  8. Dev G Inc

    Giving Item To All Online Players

    I think you need Gepard to have that function
  9. Hi guys! I have tried to use this script as a basis for a Prize Every Minute on a Map. I would only want to limit it from 7-8 PM. Any clues how to improve this script? - script hjklm -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: while(1) { sleep2 5000; if ( strcharinfo(3) == .map_hourly$ && gettime(3) > 20 ) { [email protected]++; if( [email protected] == 3 ) {// 1h getitem .item_gain, .item_num; [email protected] = 0; } } else [email protected] = 0; } OnInit: .item_gain = 501; // Item ID gained .item_num = 1; // number item gained .afk_time = 5; // afk restriction 5 min .map_hourly$ = "payon"; // map restriction end; }
  10. Dev G Inc

    Utility : Promotional Code

    i think that it is still not updated. I tried and i experienced case sensitive issues with same account can still claim the prize. If i switch to one account and i go for another account with the same IP, it can still claim.
  11. Dev G Inc

    Map Reward

    hi guys can you set this for selected maps only?