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  1. Working for me thanks OSCARSCROP 902,Tree_Root,Tree Root,0,190,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ callfunc("func_UpdateCampFire",5, 30, 5); },{},{} 7850,Wooden_Block_,Wooden Block,0,190,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ callfunc("func_UpdateCampFire", 3, 60, 10); },{},{} 7035,Matchstick,Matchstick,0,190,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ callfunc("func_CreateCampFire",3, 60, 8); },{},{}
  2. Hi, just a question. Tried the script. This is my error. Currently using rathena trunk from 2019 February.
  3. Well it represents chance of the item to show up. Still trying to figure out though. You can try testing it though.
  4. The Luadec is only for 32 bit, how about for 64 bit? new here
  5. Yes i was referring to a Viking Helm. Many thanks Bewan!
  6. Hi guys, anyone has a valk helm? Would appreciate it if you can post the sprite and act file of this. Thanks! Edited: Sorry it is a Viking Helm not a Valk Helm
  7. You need to do the diff again. Mostly the errors are on the changes in you atcommand.cpp
  8. I have not selected it. But ill try now.
  9. Do you have the original psd file for the patcher, would be nice to just insert logos on patcher. But great work none the less! EDITED: Anyone who wants a copy of the patcher with a clear placing, ive added it here. Thank you @Balfear Just edit it via photoshop or whatever file you need to edit it with. Photoshop: https://www.mediafire.com/file/t8dwm1jt5gydypq/clear_template.psd/file BMP file: https://www.mediafire.com/view/g78ftx1d75wcnj9/clear_template_no_logo.bmp/file
  10. Hi, i have a questions, once you spawn these "fake players" do they do anything? And can you make them attack players etc. Hope someone can enlighten me on this!
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