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  1. True, that is why i am asking the script developer if it is possible to disable that since i dont have much knowledge on how to modify it. But for discussion sake, the campfire is meant for no heal, low rate servers that enjoys natural healing of players. A really remarkable script indeed.
  2. Is it possible to either to disable the stacking heal effect of the campfire?
  3. Hi Epoque, will the item passive work even if the server is on pre-renewal settings? Also i am trying to test it, on item passive script, as i understand, it works like this? 7563,IPF_NONE, { bonus bStr,1; } if the item 7563 is on inventory, it should add +1 Str
  4. revisited this link: Improvised to make it work: [email protected],83,112,5 script barricade 100,{ setwall "[email protected]",76,104,8,6,0,"EmpBarr"; monster "[email protected]",83,105,"Barricade",1905,1,"barricade::OnBarrierDestroyed"; //24; monster "[email protected]",82,105,"Barricade",1905,1,"barricade::OnBarrierDestroyed"; //25; monster "[email protected]",81,105,"Barricade",1905,1,"barricade::OnBarrierDestroyed"; //26; monster "[email protected]",80,105,"Barricade",1905,1,"barricade::OnBarrierDestroyed"; //27; monster "[email protected]",79,105,"Barricade",1905,1,"barricade::OnBarrierDestroyed"; //28; monster "[email protected]",78,105,"Barricade",1905,1,"barricade::OnBarrierDestroyed"; //29; monster "[email protected]",77,105,"Barricade",1905,1,"barricade::OnBarrierDestroyed"; //30; monster "[email protected]",76,105,"Barricade",1905,1,"barricade::OnBarrierDestroyed"; //31; end; OnBarrierDestroyed: set .barrdead, .barrdead-1; if (.barrdead==0) { delwall "EmpBarr"; announce "A wall has been broken!",bc_area; } else { end; } OnInit: set .barrdead, 8; }
  5. Is it possible to add an atcommand for this? I've tried to add one but i can't seem to make it work? Any thoughts on this?
  7. Hi, can anyone tell me how the passive Item Passive Script works? Any information where i can read it on the doc since i am confused about it. Thanks! @Epoque
  8. Dev G Inc

    FluxCP issue

    Try again to setup your fluxcp, you have made a misconfiguration while setting the fluxcp. Or try to post your application.php and server.php here
  9. Sorry new to scripting, how do i debug it? No clue how to debug.
  10. Tried this today, got these errors. I used the example itemlink.txt provided by cyhd. Any thoughts what i need to fix or what is wrong? Thanks!
  11. It should work with 2017 version. there are older versions of this diff as well.
  12. you need to check if you have the maps in place.
  13. You can try to check existing instances and modify it. Normally sky is the limit but you have to search for the answers. Since i am not good with scripting, i tend to modify existing ones.
  14. Yes you can try to check script_commands.txt for the command enablenpc/disablenpc
  15. You need to assign like an array of cards that i needs to identify before it can be detected by the npc. What i normally do is use existing script structure then try to modify it on how you want it to be designed.