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  1. Greetings Hi all! My name is HethT and I would like to introduce my project called "Eifera". I am very creative person and I also like Ragnarok Online. ,(^O^), So I decided to create fully custom Ragnarok Online server. (^ ^) Basic Layout Eifera is a separate continent so there is no Midgard. T.T That means there will be a lot of custom maps! *0* Next BIG THING are my plans with classes... I decided to make only one class using wide spectrum of skills (something like SuperNovice). In this case you do not know what expect from your enemy. You do not know if he is agi based, tank based or magic based. And this, I think, could be very interesting especially with PK from lv75.. *0* You can use few others skills from custom equip (for example Cloating lv3 from InvisibleCoat and if you have SilentShoes you know Cloating lv10, but this combo is not easy obtained, how adorable ^o^). I also remake some skills from quest skills to normal skills and conversely. This thing about skills is still in progress, so everything could be completely different \(^o^)/ More features? ^O^ PK builds another feature called Criminals System. It will be based on PK points and awards for skull of the big criminals (still in progress ~.~) There are 7 Gods in Eifera. Every single God reigns different powers. And it is your choice which one you will venerate. \(^o^)/ I am also planning do a lot of hidden places, so there will by many places to explore. ,(^O^), For example hidden camp of SilentKnights clan, where will be many story quests with unique rewards. In Eifera you can be almost everyone! You can be Botanist, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Fisherman, Archeolog, Chef... I would like to make some changes in smithing. Because I think it is underleveled right now. So ... I will add new recipes on very strong weapons with small chance to forge them. Materials on them you could obtaine from mining, hunting from monsters, from quests or from secret places in right moment (for example shell of golden dragon can be obtain from dragon nest in hatching time). (little dragons how KAWAII ^O^) Legendary blacksmiths also could forge some ultimate weapons. (^^) PS. sorry for my english ^O^
  2. Thanks a lot for your advices. ^^ I am sure it will need so much practicing, 'cause it is not look such great ^0^
  3. This is my first map, so be honest. ^o^
  4. It is working now, thanks a lot, Chemi ^^
  5. Nope. Still burred line on the right T.T
  6. Hi, I have problem with browedit. All textures are a little bit shifted to the left so the "missing" part on the right is blurred. I am new in browediting so I have no idea how to fix it. T.T PS. sorry for my English ^^