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  1. character who adds things does not see them
  2. Is it possible to do something so that not the entire server is translated into sql?
  3. send me with style.css background code nice! Background fix. Now change the background on images. Photoshop open and forward. *and logo fix pos. .notification.is-primary { /* background-color: #00d1b2; */ background: url (https://img00.deviantart.net/c919/i/2015/356/2/9/commission___ro_fan_art_by_sa_dui-d9l429d.jpg) bottom no-repeat; color: #fff; }
  4. Background image function: background-attachment:fixed; and emperium time background (green) change on image
  5. 2 works have been added, the administration still does not want to confirm them. Prejudiced attitude?
  6. change the green background to the image. And fixed background
  7. Update main page and add support eng lang.
  8. As an example: * if(getmapusers(.EnterMap$[5]) < .MinPlayers[5]) OnMazeStart: //-- Maze Event //================================== mapwarp .EnterMap$[5],"prontera",155,172; enablenpc "mazeroadblock"; disablenpc "Event_Agent#Maze"; [email protected] = 5; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize( .bombflag ); [email protected]++ ) setmapflag .EnterMap$[5], .bombflag[[email protected]]; Func_Countdown; [email protected] = -5; sleep 9000; if(getmapusers(.EnterMap$[5]) < .MinPlayers[5]) mapannounce .EnterMap$[5],"Event Stopped! Not Enough Players Joined the "+.EventName$[5]+"!",bc_blue; else { mapannounce .EnterMap$[5],"Rules are simple first to get to end of maze wins, so begin~",bc_blue; disablenpc "mazeroadblock"; enablenpc "Event_Agent#Maze"; for([email protected] = 40; [email protected] > 0; [email protected]){ if(getmapusers(.EnterMap$[5])<1) [email protected] = 0; mapannounce .EnterMap$[5],"There are "+([email protected])+" Minuets Remaining",bc_blue; sleep 60000; } mapannounce .EnterMap$[5],"Time Is up",bc_blue; } for ( [email protected] = 6; [email protected] < getarraysize( .bombflag ); [email protected]++ ) removemapflag .EnterMap$[5], .bombflag[[email protected]]; disablenpc "Event_Agent#Maze"; sleep 5000; mapwarp .EnterMap$[5],"prontera",155,172; [email protected] = 0; end;
  9. i'm tested all langtype and works only with 0-7=(( the question is still relevant up!
  10. but how with russia lang? I begin to write in Russian letters and he automatically writes in Korean letters
  11. Guys 2018-05-30bRagexeRE not support langtype 1 - ** ? The client displays an error when I run exe, with any langtype. Maybe, who decided what problem?
  12. Guys, give me work, any design for FLUXCP, (any site or PSD) Update purchase
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