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  1. I believe it is in the src, if it is not, sorry. a Warmth of the sun / moon / stars skill (Solar, Lunar, Stellar Heat) (star gladiator skill) is beating slowly even with ASPD 195. what could that be?
  2. I don't know how to make scripts ... how would it be with this hateffect?
  3. I understand. but it's okay to make a look with an existing effect. Sure a lot of people use @effect scripted items. just like the script I posted. only mine gives these problems .... and I believe it's just some detail. but that may work.
  4. I would like to create a visual item. but with an existing effect. (544) Warmth Red Sprite. so I am testing additionally on an existing item for testing only .. I am using item 2135. After some searching I found these 2 scripts. but they do not work 100% as I would like. Complete Script of item 2135 this one works as close to how I wanted to ... however ... there are some errors ... both in console and in game ... in play the effect is what I want. but if I give @go or warp ... it goes out temporarily. returning after a few seconds. and the most annoying thing is that if I unequip the item the effect doesn't come out ... if I give @go or warp it always returns ... Console Erro: this other, the effect is normal. but if I give @go or warp the effect fades and doesn't come back. and because it is an effect. if anyone gets to the map. Won't see the effect. so there has to be some kind of quick refresh. please help me: S
  5. I modified the SG Miracle to last after death. like this> src\map pc.cpp status_change_end (& sd-> bl, SC_MIRACLE, INVALID_TIMER); // status_change_end (& sd-> bl, SC_MIRACLE, INVALID_TIMER); but it's still canceling the effect on dying ... I can change map and relog. But if I die, it's over. How not to cancel the effect after death? and how to increase flight height with Union skill the distance between the ground and the SG?
  6. Sacul71

    Visual Item

    I don't know if this is the right area .... I would like to know how do I get the VISUAL effect of the star gladiator's "Warmth of the Sun or Solar Heat" ability on a Visual item. Normal With Warmth of the Sun or Solar Heat
  7. Hello. I wanted to ask for a not very simple Warper Script. Hello etc.... etc.. etc... then 2 options will appear. 1st - Damage test. clicking on it will show the list of mobs Pharao Garm Orc Hero. ....... by clicking on a Mob. 3 rooms will appear. Room 1 Room2 Room3. And if there is a person inside the room no one can enter. unless you are in the same Party or Guild. 2 ° - Tactics Test. Same thing gives first choice. -------------------- // ---------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------- Enjoying the topic. I would like to ask one more thing. I modified some MVP to stay still. but I don't know how to get them to be reborn if they die, or to heal automatically if they don't take damage for 5 seconds. could someone tell me how? this will be for the first option (1st - Damage Test.) already in the second ... (2 ° - Tactics Test.) is the MVP itself normal. but without drops. How can I make him heal if there is no one in the room for 1 minute? and be reborn in the same room if the mob dies? and if can put multiple MVPs in the same script and in different places, that would be great because they are multiple MVPs. one in each room. But if it's too hard, no problem 1 script per MVP.
  8. I modified some MVP to stay still. just to test damage. I have a damage check with Barricade. where the barricade regenerates and is well configured, (got it on the net) What I wanted to know was how to add 10 different mobs in this same NPC .... and in different locations. //===== rAthena Script ============================================= //= Punching Bag NPC //===== By: ======================================================== //= Secretdataz //===== Current Version: =========================================== //= 0.1 //===== Changelog: ================================================= //= 0.1 Initial commit //===== Compatible With: =========================================== //= rAthena Project //===== Additional Comments: ======================================= //= When duplicating this NPC. Only use NUMBER after the # [secret] //================================================================== prontera,158,180,0 script PunchingBag#0 844,{ end; OnMyMobDead: OnInit: getunitdata(getnpcid(0), [email protected]); monster strnpcinfo(4),[email protected][UNPC_X],[email protected][UNPC_Y],"Punching Bag",1905,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnMyMobDead"; [email protected] = atoi(strnpcinfo(2)); .gid[[email protected]] = [email protected][0]; .mhp[[email protected]] = strmobinfo(4,1905); setunitdata .gid[[email protected]],UMOB_MODE,[email protected][UMOB_MODE]|0x4000000|0x0200000; // Set MD_STATUS_IMMUNE (0x4000000) because EDP/burn/%MHP based status can skew the DPS counter so much. initnpctimer; end; OnTimer5000: [email protected] = atoi(strnpcinfo(2)); if(unitexists(.gid[[email protected]])){ getunitdata(.gid[[email protected]],[email protected]); [email protected] = (.mhp[[email protected]] - [email protected][UMOB_HP]); if([email protected] > 0){ npctalk "Punching Bag : I've taken " + ([email protected]/5) + " DPS in last 5 seconds."; setunitdata .gid[[email protected]],UMOB_HP,.mhp[[email protected]]; specialeffect EF_HEAL; } } initnpctimer; } prontera,216,79,0 duplicate(PunchingBag#0) PunchingBag#1 844 prontera,224,70,0 duplicate(PunchingBag#0) PunchingBag#2 844 prontera,216,58,0 duplicate(PunchingBag#0) PunchingBag#3 844 prontera,224,58,0 duplicate(PunchingBag#0) PunchingBag#4 844
  9. Sacul71

    Clone Map.

    how do i clone a map? for example: I downloaded a map "arena_4". I added and it is already working. but I need + 10 of them. how do i just clone the maps?
  10. sorry for the dumb question .. but I searched a lot and didn't find it. what is the name of this map?
  11. Sacul71

    Simple Warper

    I would like a teleporter NPC for a map I choose. EX: "Hello." "I am Lukkas, I have created some rooms where it is possible to test their damages." "I can teleport you there if you wish." "With which monster you want to test your damage?." Pharao. Garm. Orc Hero etc.... and if your choosing Pharao will teleport me to pharao_test 50,50 garm for Garm_test 50.50 ... etc ....
  12. Sacul71

    "Custom" Mob

    Hello guys. I would like to know how to add custom mobs, with the image of an existing mob. for example: Pharaoh. his ID is 1157. I want to add a mob with ID 3001 with the Pharaoh image. how do I do? Pharaoh: 1157, PHARAOH, Pharaoh, Pharaoh, 93.445997,0,114990,41899,1,2267,3015,67,70,1,93,100,104,89,112,10,12,2,7,67,0x6283695,125,868,768,288,57495, 607,5500,526,5000,732,5000,7113,5820,7114,2500,1136,100,2327,150,5002,500,1552,300,1231,80,0,0,0,4,48, 1 My Mob: 3001, PHARAOH, Pharaoh, Pharaoh, 93.445997,0,114990,41899,1,2267,3015,67,70,1,93,100,104,89,112,10,12,2,7,67,103284736,125,868,768,288,57495, 0.0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0, 0
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