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  1. It is always available. You can disable it in your groups.conf if you would allow this privilege on a GM lvl by input on or off on char commands.
  2. Using "#" on commands basically directs the commands on the named player. Example: #item "Weistony" 2199 That character then gains the item "Ahura Mazda". XD
  3. It's possible. It has something to do with getusers(1) and OnPCLoginEvent? Maybe? I don't know but I feel like it's possible.
  4. I don't know but creating a complex function script would do it. Why not just use the VIP system? VIP accounts are placed on a groupid and put those commands there instead of creating a headgear?
  5. Much better to use Notepad ++ .. It's free.. Just google it.
  6. There's no so-called maximum protection for free.. You should at least try investing for a game guard or try Hansip Protection.. It's free and can help for skill spams but I can't say it's very accurate though.. :3 Link : http://rathena.org/board/topic/95573-hansip-skill-spam-protection/?hl=hansip
  7. Count the lines if you are using notepad manually.. Nah kidding, use something with line numbers.
  8. have you made sure that you used tabs on this part: and this:
  9. Gravity error ? Make sure you got the suitable msgstringtable.txt for your client.
  10. The part where it says "Welcome to rAthena...." It's located inside : conf/motd.txt
  11. Seriously, please do use "GOOGLE" or the search button.. I got like a hundred results with using typical keywords like "ragnarok server setup" http://rathena.org/board/topic/84746-tutorial-how-to-create-ragnarok-offline-2013-client-tutorial/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=f06EBENhV84 http://forum.ragezone.com/f577/setup-own-ragnarok-server-rathena-899375/ and more... Plus, you got yourself in the wrong section..
  12. Nevermind, please check getitem2 information on what other stuffs you can do to it in your script_commands.txt located inside your doc folder