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  1. Like what @botka4aet said. Just change pk_points to #pk_points.
  2. It doesn't. The item names inside those are wrong actually..
  3. Hi! Every time I try to save the grf, characters inside accname.lub gets messed up and turns into this where it doesn't spell the sprite name correctly. Anyone can tell me how to fix this? Been 2 days since I've been wondering how this happened. Regards,
  4. set vipseconds, vip_status(3); SC_JEXPBOOST,vipseconds,0; Try that. Let me know if it fixed your issue.
  5. Make sure you have put all the sprites intended for the item inside their respective class folders.
  6. It may be that you don't have the map? Have you checked your grf?
  7. Dahil un sa ginawa mo sa source. Ibig sabihin may mali sa ginawa mo. Kaya mas mabuti parati na mag back up.
  8. It is always available. You can disable it in your groups.conf if you would allow this privilege on a GM lvl by input on or off on char commands.
  9. Using "#" on commands basically directs the commands on the named player. Example: #item "Weistony" 2199 That character then gains the item "Ahura Mazda". XD
  10. It's possible. It has something to do with getusers(1) and OnPCLoginEvent? Maybe? I don't know but I feel like it's possible.
  11. I don't know but creating a complex function script would do it. Why not just use the VIP system? VIP accounts are placed on a groupid and put those commands there instead of creating a headgear?
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