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  1. This is fixed. Thank you please close the thread
  2. dinidoss ung server. and ung phpmyadmin offline.. mag aantay lng ba til hindi na inaatake?
  3. need help. pag nag skill may nalabas
  4. Tulong nmn sa daily reward npc, tinry ko gwing per account e pero hindi clickable ung npc prontera,142,165,6 script Daily Rewards 678,{ [email protected]_id$ = get_unique_id(); if(getd("$ID_" + [email protected]_id$) > 0 || #DSUPPLY > 0){ mes "[ Daily Rewards ]"; mes "You have already claimed your Daily Rewards."; close; } mes "[ Daily Rewards ]"; if(#DSUPPLY==gettime(DT_YYYYMMDD)){ mes "You already received your rewards today."; end; } mes "Here's your daily rewards!"; explode([email protected]$,.items$[gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)],"|"); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]$);[email protected]+=2) getitem atoi([email protected]$[[email protected]]),atoi([email protected]$[[email protected]+1]); explode([email protected]$,.bounditems$[gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)],"|"); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]$);[email protected]+=2); getitemboundatoi([email protected]$[[email protected]]),atoi([email protected]$[[email protected]+1]),Bound_Account; setd "$ID_" + [email protected]_id$,0; set #DSUPPLY,gettime(DT_YYYYMMDD); end; OnHour00: delwaitingroom strnpcinfo(0); waitingroom callsub(OnCheckDay)+" Rewards",0; end; OnCheckDay: switch(gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)){ case 0: return "Sunday"; case 1: return "Monday"; case 2: return "Tuesday"; case 3: return "Wednesday"; case 4: return "Thursday"; case 5: return "Friday"; case 6: return "Saturday"; default: return "Error!"; break; } return; OnInit: waitingroom callsub(OnCheckDay)+" Rewards",0; //You can use Copy | (Vertical Bar) to separateitems // Item ID, Amount{,Item ID,Amount}... //setarray .items$[0], // "501|5|502|10|503|15|504|20", //Sunday // "601|5|602|3", //Monday // "501|1", //Tuesday // "502|1", //Wednesday // "503|1", //Thursday // "504|1", //Friday // "505|1"; //Saturday setarray .bounditems$, "14003|5|12209|5|7621|5|12210|2", //Sunday "14003|5|12209|5|7621|5|12210|2",//Monday "14003|5|12209|5|7621|5|12210|2", //Tuesday "14003|5|12209|5|7621|5|12210|2", //Wednesday "14003|5|12209|5|7621|5|12210|2", //Thursday "14003|5|12209|5|7621|5|12210|2", //Friday "14003|5|12209|5|7621|5|12210|2"; //Saturday end; }
  5. Anyone here has Compensation NPC? Thanks
  6. Grand Cross Skill only hit once when multiple monsters are on the same cell
  7. should be like this. _dscap [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_dscap] = "_dscap", you forgot to put ( _ )
  8. anyone has potion converter npc? Sample: mes "3 Siege Whites = 1 Siege Blue Potion?"; Sample: mes "1 Siege Blue = 3 Siege White Potion?"; thank you
  9. Bump. Still need to fix this
  10. I tried bc_blue but when entering the text color turned into black .. And also in chatbox it turned out white
  11. Thank you Is there way we can make the font blue? Instead of yellow?
  12. prontera,155,181,5 script PvP Room 757,{ delwaitingroom; warp "pvp_y_8-2",0,0; npctalk strcharinfo(0)+" has entered PVP Room."; waitingroom " PVP [ "+getmapusers("pvp_y_8-2")+" Users ]",0; } close; } tried to make a simple script but its not announcing players name when entering
  13. how do i set this up?
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