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  1. i upload the lasted rA and compile it for you Please test this. Links
  2. i mean diff EXE with nemo try to use this client i diff for you link
  3. Oh No i still not test Doram. i think all member must to help Dev to give information of Doram, Npc script, item, bla bla..... This is only way that rAthena will fast release. Help Dev == Help yourseft. ^^
  4. Please check this in DB/packet_db.txt First check packet_db_ver: 54 packet_keys_use: 54 and check you have this packet //2015-10-29aRagexe packet_ver: 54 packet_keys: 0x45B945B9,0x45B945B9,0x45B945B9 // [renniw] 0x0369,7,actionrequest,2:6 0x083C,10,useskilltoid,2:4:6 0x0437,5,walktoxy,2 0x035F,6,ticksend,2 0x0202,5,changedir,2:4 0x07E4,6,takeitem,2 0x0362,6,dropitem,2:4 0x07EC,8,movetokafra,2:4 0x0364,8,movefromkafra,2:4 0x0438,10,useskilltopos,2:4:6:8 0x0366,90,useskilltoposmoreinfo,2:4:6:8:10 0x096A,6,getcharnamerequest,2 0x0368,6,solvecharname,2 0x0838,12,searchstoreinfolistitemclick,2:6:10 0x0835,2,searchstoreinfonextpage,0 0x0819,-1,searchstoreinfo,2:4:5:9:13:14:15 0x0811,-1,reqtradebuyingstore,2:4:8:12 0x0360,6,reqclickbuyingstore,2 0x0817,2,reqclosebuyingstore,0 0x0815,-1,reqopenbuyingstore,2:4:8:9:89 0x0365,18,partybookingregisterreq,2:4:6 //0x0363 //CZ_JOIN_BATTLE_FIELD 0x0281,-1,itemlistwindowselected,2:4:8:12 0x022D,19,wanttoconnection,2:6:10:14:18 0x0802,26,partyinvite2,2 //0x0436,4 // CZ_GANGSI_RANK 0x023B,26,friendslistadd,2 0x0361,5,hommenu,2:4 0x0860,36,storagepassword,2:4:20 Do not diff this function ​Disable Packet Encryption
  5. Please Use This code. it will be fixed your problem. //---------------------------------------- // Tell client how many pages, kRO sends 17 (Yommy) //---------------------------------------- void chclif_charlist_notify( int fd, struct char_session_data* sd ){ WFIFOHEAD(fd, 6); WFIFOW(fd, 0) = 0x9a0; // pages to req / send them all in 1 until mmo_chars_fromsql can split them up WFIFOL(fd, 2) = (sd->char_slots>3)?sd->char_slots/3:1; //int TotalCnt (nb page to load) WFIFOSET(fd,6); }
  6. Thanks ja Merry X' mas and Happy New year 2016
  7. yes i use the lasted Git but found same problem wrag strike can use in normal map
  8. @NeoMind i use the client 2013-07-17 it work fine. but when i use skill vending the client crash. i try to use other EXE for 2013-07 but still has same error. Please help. thank you in advance
  9. this item error วมธฎฝบฦฎ_ณฒ_ด•ฐห_ฐหฑค i change it by unbollox 프리스트_남_킉검_검광 but item is not has in KRO ( i update all patch of KRO tii today)........ My problem are solve. I open UAC in window8 64 bit. and open lancher in admin mode.
  10. i use 2013-06-18 with diff patch that you posted. Run on miruku that up to date. ( no add data anymore , i use clientinfo.xml only it is perfectly client but when i change job to Bishop this error are show. It show every time i change or select the bishop. i think It concern about iteminfo.lua ( i download from ) Please help me, thanks
  11. Eng: Thank you for best project. i am winnie from Thailand. i open the ragnarok server for 2 years, my server is free. i do not receive anything from player. Not to earn profit. Make server because i love Ragnarok. i donate for this project 10 EUR. Love this project so much. THAI: ขอบคุณท่าน ทุกท่าน มากครับ. ที่ช่วยสร้างสรรค์สิ่งดีๆใน RO ครับ
  12. File Name: Register php for renew server File Submitter: renniw File Submitted: 17 Sep 2012 File Category: Web Resources Content Author: [email protected] simple register php for renew server Click here to download this file
  13. Thank you very much for you kindness Judas. The problem are Sloved. I can connect to the server 3eam652 with 2011-06-09 client now. Thank you again _/i_ ขอบคุณครับ (thai language mean thank you)
  14. i still have a problem. i can use the 2011-01-11 and 2011-01-26 client with my 3ceam 652. So..i download Eathena and ReAM to test my 2011-06-09 client . Two server that i download are support and can play with2011-06-09 client. Why 3ceam 652 does not support 2011-06-09? because i modify the mounts patch it work. but it need to use 2011-06-09 to show correct all sprite job mount . The client 2011-01-11 that show some sprite job mount only. ^-^ Thank you very much for u Judas
  15. @Jezu I am a case problem like u. I patch packet version 26 on my server (r652) and Use lub files that support 2011-06-09 RagexeRE. It has not a error. I can login and when in Character Selection, It is failed to connect the server. i define ::: #define PACKETVER 20110609 in mmo.h. and define ::: packet_db_ver: default I am so sorry for my english. Thanks