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  1. vMariku


    We're looking for Advertiser paid in $ week.
  2. 100% of players, I think 5 - 10% of players is looking for this kind of server settings.
  3. @shatowolf how about this? another one
  4. Hey bud, I don't have website, But if you want I can edit it with my name~ EDIT: Footer edited as per requested by @BeWan EDIT: I don't put any information because this is only a showcase, and I don'thave any server to release yet. I just post this to rate by rathena community and i will use this someday to my server. ~
  5. Rate 1-10 ~ Note: Free Release someday.... POSTERS BANNERS SCREENSHOT LOGOS
  6. 0,7179,1 < Try to put this. or Did you patch Cash Shop in Nemo? ~
  7. Here's the guide: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Install-on-Centos Use search button, there's a lot of guide there.
  8. vMariku


    Hi, rAthena. I'm currently looking for sponsor to my upcoming Ragnarok Online Project ~ The server server is ready-to-up and you can check it before we up. Feel free to PM me to check the server. Server Information Max Levels: 255/120 Max Stats: 255 Max ASPD: 196 Insta-Cast: 150 DEX Kiel/Agi Base Skill Delays Economy & Farm Grinding Server Fair & Balanced Server Server Features Instant Job Changer Instant Equipment System Source Modifications Soul Link Modifications Job & Skills Modifications Customized Maps Customized Mobs Customized NPCs Message me. We'll discuss about the server. Facebook: (Click me)
  9. Can you post your script or log if have a error? So we can help you @andana
  10. vMariku

    Web Hosting

    I already did that many times.
  11. vMariku

    Web Hosting

    Hi, rAthena Community. Can somebody help me to choose better Website Hosting? I'm using DigitalOcean VPS Hosting. I order a Website Hosting to https://skyzone-solution.net/ but I can't install FluxCP because the hosting said the problem is on DigitalOcean but my other friend says need to allow my Server IP to the Web Hosting. So now, I'm asking where can i host my website and allow my IP instant and no problem at all. Thanks!