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  1. diff you client. Patch Name: Hide Cash Shop
  2. Quizá te refieres a esto? mob.c //A Rare Drop Global Announce by Lupus if( mvp_sd && drop_rate <= battle_config.rare_drop_announce ) { char message[128]; sprintf (message, msg_txt(NULL,541), mvp_sd->, md->name, it->jname, (float)drop_rate/100); //MSG: "'%s' won %s's %s (chance: %0.02f%%)" intif_broadcast(message,strlen(message)+1,BC_DEFAULT); }
  3. Do you have Increase Headgear VewID diff in your exe?
  4. gnashxalex


    Im not sure if this will work but try. search for src/config/packets.h #define PACKET_OBFUSCATION and change to //#define PACKET_OBFUSCATION dont forget to recompile. and diff exe PD: if the error continues, maybe you are using ragexe, try with ragexeRE client.
  5. where i can find these commands?
  6. The new update contains these commands?
  7. Hi, where i can find a NPC that let me choose color side red or blue instead of @joinbg or @joinredteam, @joinblueteam for example. Im using xEasycore Battleground
  8. I need this too, anyone?
  9. Gracias por la ayuda, pero ahora no me tira ningun error, ahora le doy click a votar y no pasa nada y me cuenta como si me ha votado ya, pero no me redirecciona al top para votar
  10. Unable to vote for the server. Err no.3
  11. He probrado varios vote4points y siempre alguno tira un error (jaypee, feefty) y no me funcionan Podrian aportar alguno que si les funcione?, Gracias de antemano