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  1. Sirique

    Custom minimap icon

    I'd like to know how to add custom minimap icons such as this one store.bmp (Basic one as an exemple of what I mean). I know how to modify the ones in Towninfo.lub, like change their position, but I don't know how to integrate one with my own .bmp file. I've searched on google to find a guide with the right information about this issue, but none really explain how to do further than just editing Towninfo.lub. Any help would be very appreciated, Thank you
  2. Sirique


    I'm open to discuss for paid services. It would be paid by the job done, and depending on the difficulty of the script. The job would imply basic scripting, default scripts modifications and src files modifications. We have a website in the making right at this moment and Aspect is in early developement. There's some basic info about the project there: If you're interested & open for negotiations, you can contact me on discord: Sirique#9034
  3. Very good services. He works fast and also answer very quickly to my questions. I highly recommend him if you're looking for someone you can trust!
  4. Sirique

    Channels talking too fast

    To anyone who had the same issue, which is having the message You're talking to fast when using the channel system you have to use ./configure --enable64bit and then recompile your server. Make sure that whatever platform you use that it can handle 64bit. So if you use a linux droplet make sure to choose one with 64bit.
  5. Sirique


    I get the same error as he does. Anything on that?!
  6. Sirique

    #main cooldown

    Thank you, that fixed it!
  7. Sirique


    EggRO is a new pre-renewal server with a simple goal: Nostalgia. We really want to hit right in the feels. That's why many training spots that used to be very popular in the good old days are back on our server. Our main town is the beloved Old Payon, which is a huge part of our memories of this great game. Here at EggRO balance is very important, that's why we don't plan to ever stop finding ways to improve. Here you can see some of our most important features: Click me (please) Our team is very dedicated and respect is not an option for us, it's an obligation. We guarantee fast support and we're very open minded, we intend to create polls for some of our features while we're in Closed Beta. We want to offer our community the best experience possible. Here at EggRO our staff members all have a very long experience as players, we know how it feels to go from servers to servers to never really find a new home. That's why we want to offer something that will bring you back the best memories this game can offer, but also something new. We're well aware that there's already many LR servers out there that made or will make these kind of promises, but we take it very seriously and we principally do it for the love of the game. Money and power don't motivate us at all, we just want to be able to bring back the game we fell in love with at first glance. We will be announcing our Closed Beta very soon. Every players that'll participate will receive a special gift. Website: Facebook:
  8. Sirique

    #main cooldown

    I tried that and now it says I have 1366748.7 second(s) left to wait until next msg, but it was the first msg I attempted. Still work for my admin account.
  9. My problem Like the title says it below... I try to use the client 2013-08-07 with which I used ./configure --enable-packetver=20130807 to compile. I also used git clone ~/rAthena which means I use the latest rAthena revision. But now everytime I try to log on my character I get both these errors on the map server: [Warning]: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x7f57, 19 bytes received), disconnecting session #8. [Warning]: clif_parse: It looks like you have enabled PACKET_OBFUSCATION on server side, but disabled it on client side. I fixed the problem by disabling packet obfuscation, but clearly I'll have to make a new client.