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  1. Sirique


    AspectRO is looking to hire some support and event GMs We need people that can be active as much as possible, we are aware that life and everything that surrounds it is more important, but we just need people that at least be active a little eache day of the week. If you love this game as much as we do and would love to help us making this server the best it can be you are welcome to join us! So if you're interested you can PM me here or contact me or my partner on discord: Sirique#9034 / BFPkiller#2381 Official Website: Discord:
  2. I've found it on Hercules, but I'd need help to convert it to rAthena.
  3. Sirique

    AspectRO Classic

    **AspectRO is a new classic server which is now open since 15-06-2019** **We offer proxies for all the major areas in the RO community** We thrive to offer our players the best aspects of RO that made us all fall in love with that great classic MMORPG. There'll be a constant progression on AspectRO because we do not wish to just release a server to watch it rot after a few months. Our main goal is to build a strong community where everyone can enjoy this great game without having to worry about things like P2W. We only offer stat less costumes in our Cash Shop, nothing else. Our players will be rewarded all equally, so the only way you can become the true MVP of Aspect is by working hard and showcase your skills! There you can get all the information about what the server has to offer in term of basic features.. ----> CLICK HERE Where you can also find us: Discord Facebook Official Website
  4. Very good service, one of the best I worked with! She's very active and always deliver on time. If she knows she can't work on your project right away, she'll tell you why instead of keeping you waiting without any notice. I couldn't recommend her enough! She's the best.
  5. Sirique


    We're searching for someone who has certain abilities with medias such as Wiki, facebook and invision forums. We need someone who can help us keeping all our media platforms updated and looking as good as possible. You can pm me on rathena or simply add me on discord: Sirique#9034
  6. Sirique


    AspectRO is looking for someone who'll be able to help out with most graphics: website, forum, patcher and for publicities. Take note that we'll evaluate how the person behave and we won't pay if we think something seems fishy. We're mostly looking for someone who's active and that can show proof of his past creations. Please contact me on Discord: Sirique#9034 or reply to this post.
  7. Sirique


    AspectRO is a pre-re project which is already advanced, but there's still many things that have to be done... **We're looking for a scripter that works mostly for the love of the game. We can always find ways to negotiate if some more difficult scripts are required, we are ready to pay from prices around 15-30$. But we don't really need advanced customisations since our server is mostly oriented towards a pre-re classic setting. Also, we have an experienced team who can easily help with any tasks.. My team and I, we're able to script basic things and also do most of src modifications. If you're interested just add me on Discord: Sirique#9034. You can also email me at [email protected]
  8. Sirique


    Hi, I'm looking for a partner who's mostly willing to work on a project for the love of the game. I have a steady job, and can easily pay for most of the things needed, but someone who's ready to help a little financially would be of great help to get the project moving. We would of course share the donations within the staff, if we ever decide to implement any, which would only be statless hats for the only purpose of looking good! I already have a whole server setuped on Digital Ocean and I also own a Web Host at StableHost. We really need someone dedicated and who's comfortable doing a little bit of everything: Basic scripting Basic scripts modifications Basic SRC files modifications We also need someone who's ready and motivated to learn how to use platforms such as: Ubuntu linux droplet, on which the servers runs. You only need to learn some basic commands which I can teach you in 5 minutes. Github, to modify files right from the server's repository instead of directly on the SFTP, where the server files are hosted. Bitvise, which is used to access the sftp for the server files, the SSH window to access ubuntu on which you use the commands to start, stop the server and many other things. Also, the web host to modify any files related to the website. I'm very patient and open minded, I will gladly guide you through it all if you don't know how to use any this. If you're interested or you know someone who might, you can contact me on Discord: Sirique#9034 & If you don't use Discord just PM here or send me a good old email at alex_n[email protected] Thank you for your time and hopefully you'll be interested to join me on this great adventure that is the making of an awesome Ragnarok Online Private server!
  9. I'd like to know how to add custom minimap icons such as this one store.bmp (Basic one as an exemple of what I mean). I know how to modify the ones in Towninfo.lub, like change their position, but I don't know how to integrate one with my own .bmp file. I've searched on google to find a guide with the right information about this issue, but none really explain how to do further than just editing Towninfo.lub. Any help would be very appreciated, Thank you
  10. Sirique


    I'm open to discuss for paid services. It would be paid by the job done, and depending on the difficulty of the script. The job would imply basic scripting, default scripts modifications and src files modifications. We have a website in the making right at this moment and Aspect is in early developement. There's some basic info about the project there: If you're interested & open for negotiations, you can contact me on discord: Sirique#9034
  11. Very good services. He works fast and also answer very quickly to my questions. I highly recommend him if you're looking for someone you can trust!
  12. To anyone who had the same issue, which is having the message You're talking to fast when using the channel system you have to use ./configure --enable64bit and then recompile your server. Make sure that whatever platform you use that it can handle 64bit. So if you use a linux droplet make sure to choose one with 64bit.
  13. Sirique


    I get the same error as he does. Anything on that?!
  14. Thank you, that fixed it!