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  1. I have this client from 2020-04 and when trying to use client 2018-04-25cRagexe, this error shows up and this is my nemo patches:
  2. I saw the errors, and fixed them, but now I'm getting: [Warning]: itemdb_parse_dbrow: Invalid id 470033 in line 13685 of "db/re/item_db.txt", skipping. How do I fix this? One of items I added now can't equip to nothing, but the script is right! In Server Database Editor, the configs are right too... Is there any program, site, idk, to help scripting? or validanting script? Also do I need to recompile everytime I change the item_db.txt?
  3. Hi. I added 2 items to my server, but when @ii fails to find them. The items are already in inteminfo, and they are shown in Server Database Editor. In item_db.txt: 470033,Elemental_Boots,Elemental Boots,4,0,0,600,0,10,0,1,0xFFFFFFFE,63,2,64,0,99,1,0, { [email protected] = getrefine(); [email protected] = 15; @.bonus2 = 0; if (@r>=7) bonus bMatk,20; if([email protected]>=9) autobonus "{ bonus bInt,70; bonus bMatkRate,10; }",20,5000,BF_WEAPON,"{ specialeffect2 EF_STEAL; }"; if (.r>=11) bonus2 bMagicAtkEle,Ele_All,10;bonus2 bSkillAtk,"MG_FIREBOLT",[email protected] + (2 * [email protected]); bonus2 bSkillAtk,"MG_COLDBOLT",[email protected] + (2 * [email protected]); bonus2 bSkillAtk,"MG_LIGHTNINGBOLT",[email protected] + (2 * [email protected]); },{},{} 28394,Spirit_Kings_Ring,Spirit King's Ring,4,0,0,100,,0,0,0,0xFFFFFFFE,63,2,136,0,99,0,0,accessorycheck(); bonus bVit,5; bonus bDelayrate,-5; bonus2 bSkillCooldown,"SO_EARTHGRAVE",-2000; bonus2 bSkillCooldown,"SO_DIAMONDDUST",-2000; bonus2 bSkillVariableCast,"SO_VARETYR_SPEAR",-1500; bonus2 bSkillCooldown,"SO_VARETYR_SPEAR",-500; bonus2 bVariableCastrate,"SO_WARMER",-50; bonus2 bFixedCastrate,"SO_WARMER",-50; bonus2 bSkillCooldown,"SO_WARMER",-15000; bonus2 bSkillAtk,"SO_DIAMONDDUST",BaseLevel/8; bonus2 bSkillAtk,"SO_EARTHGRAVE",BaseLevel/8; what else i have to do to get those items? Client Version Hexed 20140305
  4. thanks for the advise, but the issue was that I updated the iteminfo.lua but did not updated the .lub
  5. Hi. There's some items that show image, description, etc in Server Database Editor, but in-game they are unknown item. Apparently, the item works (it can be equipped, and the effect works). only image, name and description are missing? What I can do to fix this?
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