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  1. Thank you so much man! Solved my problem
  2. Hello, I recently added the pet evolution system to my server and I am having trouble fixing the name of the evolutions in the evolution menu Does anyone know where can I go to fix the names? Thanks in advance!!!
  3. Hello guys, idk if im in the right place to post this but someone help me please. Im trying to implement the pet evolution system from this website -> https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/3544/files/6e78272b3f0a10205d98f96982e86c15e9ffc1aa#diff-3643ecd201de74fc605836a4919bec00 and im getting a compilation error when I try to rebuild the solution. anyone willing to help? thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I am having some trouble with my WOE in my server... Everytime a 1st edition castle (Prtg, payg...) emperium is broken it causes my map server to crash saying - "Map-Server has shutdown successfully"... It doesnt say any error or anything, just that... Anyone might know how to solve this problem?? Thanks!
  5. I didnt quite understand what you meant... hahah I am sorry Im pretty new at this Is this something I can fix or is it unfixable?
  6. Client - 20180621RagexeRE some big sprites are getting cutted out like this one.. (In his hands) Does someone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance!
  7. Do you know the most updated client that rathena supports?
  8. Hello, I have a rathena server and I used to use a 2014 client, then I decided to update my client to the 20180621 so I could use the new Taekwon jobs, Star Emperor and Soul Reaper, after updating my client and integrating all star emperor skills I tried them and I got a problem. The skills work fine, they just dont make any sound effects and visual effects. PS: Skill used in the picture bellow: Light of Star (Star Emperor)
  9. Hello, I have pre-renewal server using a 2014 client with custom skills and I am trying to update my client to the 20180621Ragexe, but I am getting some problems with particularly one custom skill. This skill spawns a homunculus with a peco sprite to fight with you... In the 2014 client I have the patch to "Enable Custom Homunculus", but in the 20180621 I cant use this patch... Everything is working fine except for the fact that I cant add custom homunculus now and I have to deal with the sword icon when hovering the peco which I didnt have in the 2014 client... Is there a way to bypass this sword Icon problem since I dont want to hover my peco when I am trying to click on other mobs? PS: The sprite is not a peco because I am testing some other possibilities.
  10. Does someone have the Client 2019-01-23dRagexeRE to provide the download to me? NEMO does not have the download and I dont know where else to search, thankss.
  11. Hello, I am getting a client for my RO server and I ran into this problem... I wanna know if I can get it to be smaller and not have those symbols.. Thank you in advance! Packetever: 2018-06-21aRagexeRE
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