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  1. Hi Start_, thanks for the answer, i've looked on this, and looks like clif_broadcast is the way to do it, but unfortunately i'm not good at programming. I've started studing and doing my server just about a month ago... i have seen this feature on other servers, thought it was something easier to do, like something that someone already divulged a script for that (thought it was a script before knowing it was #channel)... i'll keep trying to figure out how to do it, thank you! I was looking at scripts and found out "OnWhisperGlobal", so i've made a simple script that broadcasts what is whispered. it works, but i would prefer to players use "#trade" than "npc:trade" to whisper... at least it is working for now while i dont know how to channel announce =D - script trade -1,{ OnWhisperGlobal: announce "[Trade] "+strcharinfo(0)+" : "[email protected]$+"",bc_all; } hope this helps someone... and if anyone know how to announce with "#trade", i'm still very interested. Thanks!
  2. Hi, i'm trying to do the messages of a channel appear on top of the game, like in an @broadcast message. I've already used the search tool here on forums, but in the only topic about this i've found, the author was not understood. Exemple : when i use #trade, the messagem only appear here i want it to appear here too. but of course in the same format as #trade messages ( [Trade] Samurai : teste] ) Could anyone help me with that? Thanks!
  3. how to do this for skills like Sonic Blow and Cross Impact? to remove or shorten the animations
  4. Hi, i'm trying to do the same thing, how did you changed that?
  5. hi, i'm having the exact same problem, did you resolved that? thanks
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