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  1. Tomahawk

    [BrowEdit] Error opening grf

    Not that I know of. Great then an older one shouln't give you any problems, good luck
  2. Tomahawk

    [BrowEdit] Error opening grf

    Just tested with the same data and it indeed gives an error. Did you test it with other kRO data.grf from 2018? cause i'm using a data.grf from 2017 and its working fine with my browedit.
  3. Tomahawk

    Anyone has any idea?

    Pretty sure its warcraft.
  4. Tomahawk

    Error Sky & Cloud in custom map

  5. Tomahawk

    Error Sky & Cloud in custom map

    You gotta hex the client to include sky background on custom maps. Open the client on a hex editor and change one of the original sky maps to yours. Ex: Search for airplane01.rsw and change it to: custommap1.rsw (the custom name must have the same lenght as the original).
  6. Tomahawk

    Error on Char Server

    I think you need to define packetver in SRC>Config>packets.h: #define PACKETVER 20151104 -> #define PACKETVER 20140305 Recompile after changing it.
  7. Tomahawk

    [Script's] Reciclagem / Day Login

    Tem um na sessão de script releases:
  8. Tomahawk

    Game crashed when equipping custom costume

    Maybe you are missing the sprites in your data.
  9. Tomahawk

    Countinarray not working

    Thank you very much, solved!
  10. Tomahawk

    Countinarray not working

    Hello everyone! I am currently working on a new script and decided to test the Countinarray and Inarray commands. But for some reason, I get an error when I reach the part where it reads the countinarray command: Line: if (countinarray(.grbbid[0],getcharid(2)) == 1 && .grbbday[inarray(.grbbid,getcharid(2))] < 40){ Error in console: [Warning]: Unexpected type for argument 2. Expected variable, got C_INT. [Debug]: Data: number value=1 [Debug]: Function: countinarray [Debug]: Source (NPC): Guild Manager at prontera (168,180) [Error]: buildin_countinarray: not a variable [Debug]: Data: variable name='.grbbid' index=0 [Debug]: Data: number value=1 [Debug]: Source (NPC): Guild Manager at prontera (168,180) I downloaded rAthena from github yesterday and just compiled it with no errors. Does anyone now what could it be?