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  1. Script Autobonus

    I think same with this? https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/2612
  2. Channels talking too fast

    @ToiletMaster & @Antares fixed?
  3. Patching kRO Ragexe client error

    Show your diff logs. Diff 1st login only.
  4. Store AFK

    conf/group.conf file under level 0 account. autotrade: true
  5. Store AFK

    @autotrade command
  6. About Refine UI System

    Great hehe!
  7. About Refine UI System

    @BrOgBr By manually, you will not use any tortoise. Just open the patch find line by line add it there Cause I cant make it work also using tortoise or git
  8. About Refine UI System

    @BrOgBr Adding it manually will solve the issue. Just use the initial release then applies cydh's patch. Its good to go.
  9. About Refine UI System

    Before using cydh's pull request. Pull first the initial commit.
  10. Auto Donation System

    Flux CP has built in NPC that can let you get proof of donation. And create a script for it so that you can exchange PODs to CASH or what #2 post says.
  11. This needs a new code indeed got it fully working! Somehow the triple attack skill is not having a crit but its all good.
  12. Can 2 login server => 1 char => 1map?

    Can be done via proxy but I don't know how to do it. I only know how to forwards packets from VPS 1 to another.
  13. H > Nightmarish Jitterbug problem

    Use ./convert_emotions.py or emotions_convert.py either way. Its under tools folder.
  14. How to unpack Themida - Winlicense

    unpack themida in google search 1st link will give you the answer sir.
  15. Convert any headgear/garment to costume

    Okay will check it twice. Thanks. Can you lead me where should I check it? Should it be on status.cpp? Or battle.cpp?