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  1. Edited my post to vote for the 1st one. @fTakano
  2. My vote goes to @fTakano!
  3. Sader's Paid Services

    Fast and Efficient! That's all! 100% Guaranteed!
  4. Asura doesn't cast at Cell > 3x3

    Forgot about this already. It was last year.
  5. Server Online but FluxCP says Offline

    If above already done, make sure your webhost allows outgoing ports for char & map server else it will always show offline.
  6. Link Hover for Flux CP

    Oh so need the end if then
  7. Secret's Scripting Service

    If there's something you would like to do, much better to ask for Secret's service! Availability: 7/10 • IRL Priorities which is tolerable and should be first above all. (We all do have responsibilities so I can understand! Keep up!) • leaving 3 for room for improvement Price: 11/10 • Cheap yet guaranteed! Work: • Organized • 100% Working! Support: • Same as availability. Always leave a message because reply will be received on due time. Thanks!
  8. Hi @Cydh, can you update to patch to latest revision?
  9. Script Autobonus

    I think same with this? https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/2612
  10. Channels talking too fast

    @ToiletMaster & @Antares fixed?
  11. Patching kRO Ragexe client error

    Show your diff logs. Diff 1st login only.
  12. Store AFK

    conf/group.conf file under level 0 account. autotrade: true
  13. Store AFK

    @autotrade command
  14. About Refine UI System

    Great hehe!
  15. About Refine UI System

    @BrOgBr By manually, you will not use any tortoise. Just open the patch find line by line add it there Cause I cant make it work also using tortoise or git