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  1. iAmGnome

    Best RO VPS/HOST

    @zeek: Ports/Firewall if open on your server.
  2. iAmGnome

    How to Allow Online Players on VPS Linux

    Check ports
  3. iAmGnome

    [Showcase] Thor Patcher Design

    @sikiro: It should be 3 buttons but if I remove account panel and just do register and rate us only my OC-ness will be trigerred since it will not fill up the free space but let me come of a modification that will make it fit! Thanks for the input.
  4. iAmGnome

    Is ok if i use Hercules Flux cp?

    @hadie: No. You need to re-code your theme to work with rA's flux.
  5. Sup! Been doing a bit of design in Thor to practice coding. Sharing my latest work. Accepting suggestions and rates for further improvements.
  6. iAmGnome

    Best RO VPS/HOST

    Digital Ocean/OVH try them
  7. iAmGnome

    Preparing vps for rathena

    @guhx what exactly did not work on the wiki? Installation guide provided works 100% even without phpmyadmin. You need to install lamp if you want to have a phpmyadmin
  8. iAmGnome

    How to remove FluxCP tool bar ( Header )

    @mmjgold: I assume you're using default bootstrap themes thus by removing it you need to go to the themes folder -> bootstrap -> header.php Find the line below shown in the picture. Change it to or simply remove that 2 line.
  9. iAmGnome

    Help me to fix sprite of wings

    Using 2018 and everything works fine
  10. iAmGnome

    NPC for Upg Mail (name stojan)

    You have to manually code it. Stojan I think is a custom NPC for revo-classic.
  11. check lua files > skillinfolist.lub or skillinfolist.lua
  12. @zeek: Updated msgstringtable, langtype 1 for client/sclientinfo, service_usa lua files.
  13. @Cydh: I checked line 107 of the patch seems like there's a duplicate definition of if value. See below
  14. iAmGnome

    Where is Old Guide for Installation CentOS 7

    I think its the same? Have you tried it if not just download devtoolset 5 or 4