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  1. hi can anyone point me to the right direction as to where can i get the best ragnarok hosting out there. so far been with 2 different host both without proper support thanks
  2. Hi learningRO could you give me an instruction on how to post in github i am not familiar with that site thank you very much
  3. hi i have a problem with my server im using a pre renewal server however the 3rd job skill that im using like this hells plant is not giving any damage and could not put it on the ground i am missing the skill_unit_db.txt in my folder i dont know if that is the problem
  4. Hi im having issue with my server, some players cant attack and double click equipment ( to equip ) the only thing that works is dragging the item to equipment tab "alt q" please help thank you
  5. hello everyone This is the script I just wanted to request to add @option1 when talking to the npc and then removing the status when exiting npc so that players wont be able to use backslide or other skills. thank you so much! payon,166,102,4 cashshop Cash Shop 822,12900:1000,12901:200,12902:1000,12909:100,12910:100,12911:1500,12922:150,7619:100,7620:100,12916:150,12917:150,12915:100,12918:100,12913:125,12914:125,13553:50,12903:100,12904:100,12905:100,12906:100,12907:100,12908:100,7776:50
  6. Please @chatterboyand get back on me on this thank you so much for your help! bump
  7. Good day! Im trying to implement steelsoul on my server however these bonus effects doesnt work when reached certain level on my weapon, and i do not know where to look for the custom weapons provided by the script.. OnInit: set $steelsoulon, 1; set .debug, 1; setarray $lvlKillCount[0],1,9,16,25,36,77,112,153,200,253, 320,385,490,585,700,830,970,1120,1260, 1420,1620,1860,1990,2140,2304,2550,2826,3034, 3274,3589,3795,3974,4225,4548,4967,5275,5478,5677, 5973,6243,6612,6965,7202,7523,7826,8219,8641,8892, 9173,9468,9654,9992,10184,10428,10784,11100,11498, 11779,11941,12288,12414,12824,13116,13490,13748,13991, 14278,14511,14888,15100,15446,15758,16128,16555,16940, 17313,17662,17917,18378,18660,18924,19272,19524,19780, 19940,20372,20700,20964,21364,21700,22220,22660,23520; set .lvlBonus, 1; //activate or not setarray .bonusDesc$[0],"atk bonus","matk bonus","hp bonus","sp bonus","random status bonus","hit rate bonus","flee rate bonus","elemental weapon switch","aspd bonus"; set .lvlBonusItemRequired, 0; setarray .itemBonusId[0], 7812, 7810, 7816, 7817, 7025, 7305, 6087, 6088, 6027; set .lvlLanding, 5; //level count to get a bonus, 25 by default, meaning 4 bonus max. Otherwise you'll need to increase MAX_ITEM_RDM_OPT in src set .lvlDifferenceKill, 15; //lvl difference max authorized to get a kill count set .lvlDifferenceType, 0; //0 none, 1 only higher, 2 higher or lower set .defaultSuccessRate, 5; setarray .itemListToSmith[0], 615, 10, 987, 1, 969, 5, 2282, 1; //items to have to get a soul smith. Pattern: id, percent setarray .itemListIncreaseSuccess[0], 733, 5, 730, 10, 731, 15, 732, 20, 6087, 25, 6088, 25; //items to have to increase success. Pattern: id, percent set $maxSteelLvl, 90; //Dagger, One-H Sword, Two-H Sword, One-H Spear, Two-H Spear, One-H Axe, Two-H Axe, Mace, Staves, Bow, Knuckle, Instrument, Whip, Book, Katar, Revolver, Rifle, Gatling, Shotgun, Grenade, Huuma setarray $relicItemId[0],30385,30386,30387,30388,30389,30390,30391,30392,30393,30394,30395,30396,30397,30398,30398,30399,30400,30401,30402,30403,30404,30405; bindatcmd "steelsoul",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnShowExp"; set .highestChangeWeapon, 1; set .rewardCount, 100; set .rewardId, 675; end; } StealSoul.txt
  8. thank you chaos! I will get back to you on this
  9. Hi Chaos thank you for noticing my post, yes I did put the item id there as well. It gives me error when double clicking it
  10. Please help costume is not appearing in my character though the costume is already in the server and not customized..
  11. good day to everyone! I am having problem with my server, tried to add renewal item to my pre renewal server. I already did the ff: Added item in my iteminfo.lua and lub Added item to my itemdb.txt in /pre-re folder Added item in idnum2itemdesctable, idnum2itemdisplaynametable, idnum2itemresnametable with same id number from iteminfo.lua and lub ( btw my files are located in my RO folder and not inside my grf I dont know if that matters) However I am not sure where to find the sprite from the said item, im assuming its inside my grf since its not a custom weapon? thank you for those who would help me
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