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  1. is there a way to add +1 allstats to all produced costume from @costumeitem command?
  2. @AnnieRuru good day mam annie i want to ask how can we add +1 allstats to @costumeitem produced items? search around rathena and hercules no clue at all. thank you in advance mam annie
  3. how to fix this? seems the problem is with @bgskill command @Easycore
  4. @Easycore sir can you please help me about this error i just follow the step by step procedure in the latest diff file this error pops thank you in advance sir @Easycore
  5. @DemonChuck a simple thanks to @n0tttt will do buddy
  6. thank you guys for the answers i hope this helps others who want this functions
  7. wow a better way haha thank you so much sir
  8. thanks for encouragement and giving idea sir
  9. } else if (isloggedin([email protected][[email protected]])) { query_sql("SELECT `name` FROM `char` WHERE `account_id` = '"[email protected][[email protected]]+"'"),$leadername$; //get the name using the account id query_sql("SELECT `master` FROM `guild` WHERE `master` = '"+$leadername$+"'"),$guildleader$; //match mastername to name if($leadername$ != $guildleader$){ //if not match reward for member only 501 as example and 502 for guild leader if the name matched getitem 501, 1, [email protected][[email protected]]; } else { getitem 502, 1, [email protected][[email protected]]; } message rid2name([email protected][[email protected]]),"You have been rewarded for conquering "+getcastlename(.Castles$[[email protected]])+"."; } solved thanks sir @pajodex