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  1. nice release @Stolao can i request a little additional feaature for the quest. if you may allow about the , previews on hows the hunt is going on in the npc itself not by killing it?
  2. sorry about that sir secret and thanks for selling me one of your script the woe time base rewarder :D
  3. ive seen this line if(sd->status.base_level >= 99) base_exp = 0; from this link wondering if this is posible that the variable inside src can be fetch to an npc script? to trigger the toggle if(sd->status.base_level >= 99 && noexp == 1) base_exp = 0; //then the noexp can be set using npc veil,143,38,4 script Exp Lock 105,{ menu "Exp Lock On",EXPON,"Exp Lock Off",EXPOFF; EXPON: set noexp,1; dispbottom "Exp Lock On "+.explock+" "; end; EXPOFF: set noexp,0; dispbottom "Exp Lock Off "+.explock+" "; end; } @goddameit @AnnieRuru @Emistry @Dastgir @pajodex @[email protected] anyone please
  4. is there a way to show critical damage on player vs player mode? the crit only shows in monsters but not with pvp my pvp only shows pure red damages
  5. experiencing this problem too 2015 client
  6. @AnnieRuru good day mam annie i want to ask how can we add +1 allstats to @costumeitem produced items? search around rathena and hercules no clue at all. thank you in advance mam annie
  7. how to fix this? seems the problem is with @bgskill command @Easycore
  8. @Easycore sir can you please help me about this error i just follow the step by step procedure in the latest diff file this error pops thank you in advance sir @Easycore
  9. @DemonChuck a simple thanks to @n0tttt will do buddy