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  1. DaemonSpade

    Ragnarok Online Login Screen Generator

  2. DaemonSpade

    Chat Color Change

    sir @Dastgir is this posible ung 17704?
  3. DaemonSpade


    how can i modify the % damage of magic crasher skill? i want to make it 300% more damage but with the SL_WIZARD BUFFS anyone searching all over the forums but no luck to see one
  4. View File [Snow Inn] by DaemonSpade This Map is a Free Release Map Do Not Sell This Map... Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DeathStein rAthena : https://rathena.org/board/profile/428-daemonspade/ . Submitter DaemonSpade Submitted 05/01/17 Category Maps & 3D Resources Content Author  
  5. DaemonSpade

    [Snow Inn] by DaemonSpade

    Version 1.0.0


    This Map is a Free Release Map Do Not Sell This Map... Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DeathStein rAthena : https://rathena.org/board/profile/428-daemonspade/ .


  6. DaemonSpade

    5 Item Slot

    • Can anyone help me to change the max card slot from 4 to 5 slots? • I want to make the server 5 slot items • waiting for someone who wants to help thanks
  7. change the id 501 to your custom currency?
  8. Did SomeOne Made a Script Like This?? Please Drop a Comment Guys Need it Badly?? Thanks rAthena
  9. DaemonSpade

    BrowEdit 2.0 [Redesigned]

    where to downlaod that?
  10. Version Edit Version Endless The


    Endless Tower Theme PvP Add me Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GMRaizen Just Want to Share This Edit! Use for Good Purpose Dont Sell it.... its FREE


  11. DaemonSpade

    Item Crafter NPC

    Item Crafter NPC This NPC Requires Specific Amount of Items to Craft One Item by a % chance to sucess or fail For Example You Need to Sacrifice 10 Golds 10 TCG 10 Red Potion To Recieve 1 Poring Coin by 10% chances Only If AnyOne Like To Help Me Here Thanks )
  12. File Name: [RoyaL] Turbo_Room Edit! File Submitter: DaemonSpade File Submitted: 20 Nov 2012 File Category: Maps & 3D Resources Video: DaemonSpade Content Author: DaemonSpade Edit by : Jeremy Reyes / DaemonSpade.rAFacebook : https://www.facebook.com/GMRaizenthis map can be use as Mall/Quest Area or Town?Feel Free to use it.. and thanks haha Click here to download this file
  13. DaemonSpade

    Dedicated NPC [v.3]

    wow? hahha your badass goddameit hahah awesome
  14. DaemonSpade

    Dedicated NPC [v.3]

    Ah sir just a little request can you add this stuffs Check the Players HP % Example Can be set the % of HP so the Dedi NPC can heal you up around 1-100%? requires 1 Heal Potion (Item Stacked 50 pcs) Consume 1 Heal Potion when the Dedi NPC Heals the Player? when players hp is 40%-50% the Dedi NPC will auto heal the player? Thanks hahah just a IDEA )
  15. DaemonSpade

    2012-04-10a Ragre help

    Hi , rAthenians Im asking for this problem just a WEIRD problem im new @ 2012 Ragre Clients Using 2012-04-10a Ragre from your Supportmii Data v3 From Alexiandria @ Rathena the client is alright no error why im playing... showing all game features Custom Item View is IS Fix so i dont have problem with my luafiles514 but i have a problem when i add custom items . ive try 2 Ways this ways.. makes me confuse... [Way of Adding Custom Item for Ragre like on 2010 Clients i dont have problem with it..] just want to try new clients so i decided to try 2012 the problem is the custom item shows Unknown Item / Apple Sprite iteminfo.lua/lub When i Edit This File It Dont Work but i opens it shows Apple Agian or When ive Edit This Files idnum2itemdesctable idnum2itemdisplaynametable idnum2itemresnametable itemslotcounttable the client dont open what should i do? Please Help Me Thanks