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  1. rathena cant works with this clients. for new clients can works some private servers only and hercules. But if you stuck with rathena, better try search older data/grf
  2. See dates. grf/data end of 2018, but your exe from middle of 2018. I think here is issue. But issues can be in your patches in nemo too, try use as small as possible patches.
  3. probably your issue what you using too new ro folder and old exe try search older folder with closer to your client exe versions
  4. If using legacy client exe with new data and grf can be any issues. One of issues solved here http://herc.ws/board/topic/16391-2018-06-2021ragexere-char-select-fix/
  5. Use patch http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/ChangeNewCharNameHeight/
  6. 4144

    MAX_ITEMID > 65k?

    At first rathena cant works with item id > 65535 at all for any clients. For use this big ids you can use only hercules. For use itemid > 65535 need ragexeRE 20180704 or ragexe 20181121 or newer. But this clients will not works in rathena. If you in some way fix server side for allow id > 65535, client will not see this id anyway.
  7. You saw somewhere download link to 2018-11-14dRagexeRE? Here is not, because all clients unchanged and downloaded as is from official server or mirrors. Ragexe not works because you doing something wrong. You can use old nemo, missing recommended patches, not updated game guard dll, not using hercules (for rathena i cant do any support, not sure how it works). About rathena i can say only versions where client 100% not works. Issue can be in anything of this. You can saw herc discord, not long ago some one configured client too, and forgot some must have steps. Also basic info you can see in herc forum here http://herc.ws/board/topic/15523-another-nemo-patcher-fork/. See my comments about versions.
  8. 4144

    Client 2019

    Here some most visible changes for players http://herc.ws/board/topic/16526-some-upcoming-hercules-features/
  9. 4144

    Client 2019

    In 2018 was some changes in end of 2018, because this if compare last 2018 with current 2019 will be almost no changes
  10. can you show what you download and how?
  11. 4144

    Client 2019

    Main is what rathena not support this clients at al
  12. you cant download script? Also i forgot, ratena may still not works with this client too. Probably missing some packets
  13. look on nemo site http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/2018-11-14dRagexe/
  14. Rathena not support for this client. With rathena can works only 2018-06-21 ragexeRE and older. Rathena support ragexe clients up to 2018-11-14dRagexe. You can use older clients than 2018-11-21 ragexe or use hercules.