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  1. Pues no soy un experto pero estoy bastante seguro de que el map_cache no tiene nada que ver con un personaje concreto. Por lo que es bastante raro que funcione con uno si y con otro no. Desconozco al entrar al mapa se activa algun script o algo parecido que pueda tener que ver con lo que comentas del Basic skill... Cuando pueda le echo un ojo.
  2. Here you have a list of possible commands to use in a script: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt I've read it quickly but I don't see any command to do what you're asking, so it is very possible that you need to implement the command in the source. I might do that later if I have some time. It should be pretty easy by copying and pasting the `pc_resetstate` method.
  3. Si no puedes andar a ninguna celda pero puedes sentarte por ejemplo o algo similar, es probable que tengas que añadir el mapa al map_cache. Para ello puedes usar Map Cache Editor para abrir y modificar los map_cache.dat y GRF Editor para abrir los GRF y extraer el mapa que te da problemas e introducirlo en el map_cache.dat. ¿Cómo se llama el mapa? Puedes ponerme el output del comando /where en ese mapa?
  4. You can't connect from a container to the host network. That's probably why rAthena can't connect to MySQL. Assuming your load balancer is just a debian server, you can follow the steps in the README of the repository I mentioned in earlier posts ignoring the MySQL setup with Docker (since you already have one). You will need to make a small modification to the `run` command of your server like this: sudo docker run -it --network host -v 6900:6900 -v 5121:5121 -v 6121:6121 --name=my-running-server my-cool-server This `--network host` option will allow the Docker container to use the host's network, so you will be able to access your MySQL server, which is outside Docker. The last part I didn't understand very well. But I think for a generic answer I'll say it depends. You can have all the services (MySQL, Apache, rAthena, etc...) in the same server or split in multiple servers. Moreover, you can have all of them split in multiple containers in the same server. So it depends on what do you want to do.
  5. The first part I didn't look yet. For the second part I think you need to replace the `announce` keyword with the `mapannounce` keyword.
  6. About the access to the repository, check again. I forgot to save some settings. About the rest: Docker is not needed in any way to run rAthena. I just mentioned it because it's easier. Docker lets you reproduce environments easily. It's like building a lego house once and being able to rebuild it exactly the same anywhere and at any time without effort. Any hosting provider will work as long as they can sell you a server with Linux. Just pick one close to where your players are going to be located (geographically speaking) to keep the latency at a minimum.
  7. As long as we're talking about rAthena, yes. It doesn't matter if you modify source code on windows as long as you compile the server in the target system afterwards. Install docker in the linux server of your choice and follow the instructions in the repository I linked above. The compilation part is actually only needed once if you don't modify the source code and instead only modify the conf files.
  8. It is working on my server. But I have it compiled with the `--enable-prere` option. Do you have a renewal server? The formulas used in renewal are different in favor of more powerful weapons as opposed to weapons with less power but more slots.
  9. You should recompile only when you change source files inside the `src` folder and of course you need to restart your server after each compilation. But that shouldn't be a thing you need to do very often. You're probably going to compile the source once and that's it. The `.conf` files and `.txt` files can be modified easily with notepad, vim, or your favorite plain text editor. You also need to restart your server after these changes to be sure. It's not always 100% neccessary though. You can use the in-game at-commands to reload NPCs and a lot of other things: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/atcommands.txt#L1376 You should not have issues working with Windows and then deploying to linux. I do have my own fork of rAthena's repo and a few deployment scripts I can run in my linux with Docker Compose to run the server while I do some modifications to the source or make my NPC scripts in Windows. You just need to know how to use a version control like Git. Here's my base docker image to compile rAthena: https://gitlab.com/asier_paz/rathena-base I've added a quick guide in the README to get started. Note that since you're going to run the server inside a Docker container, your actual machine only has to have Docker installed and that's it. Hope this helps someone.
  10. You welcome Ains Sama. Oh supereme being ~
  11. Shouldn't it be something like this? case PR_SANCTUARY: hp = (skill_lv > 6) ? 777 : skill_lv * 100; if (target->id == MOBID_EMPERIUM) { hp = 1; } At least in my case, the argument to the skill_calc_heal method describing the target of the skill is called literally target. /** * Calculates heal value of skill's effect * @param src: Unit casting heal * @param target: Target of src * @param skill_id: Skill ID used * @param skill_lv: Skill Level used * @param heal: True if it's the heal part or false if it's the damage part of the skill * @return modified heal value */ int skill_calc_heal(struct block_list *src, struct block_list *target, uint16 skill_id, uint16 skill_lv, bool heal) { EDIT: Actually I think this would be better and safer: case PR_SANCTUARY: hp = (skill_lv > 6) ? 777 : skill_lv * 100; if (target->type == BL_MOB && target->id == MOBID_EMPERIUM) { hp = 1; } I'm not 100% sure, but I think that it could be possible for another type of entity to have the same ID of the Emperium. So maybe checking the type of entity to ensure it's a monster is wise.
  12. The part about extracting the grf with grf edit and stuff?
  13. Is the data.grf encrypted or something?
  14. I guess this is a live server. This could be, if I recall correctly, that you're missing some client file and when another player enters the map with something your client can't understand/render/find, the game just crashes. I don't really know how to read the crash log, but I'm guessing it has something to do with you not having the `model\event\ÀϺ»_õÇÏÀÏÇ°.rsm` part. Searching the forum I found this: Seems like the `DATA/model/event` folder has all the file names in korean. Turns out that the missing file is actually inside the directory, but it is named "일본_천하일품.rsm". You can try renaming the files with the `windows-1258` encoding. You can check the conversion using this online tool: http://string-functions.com/encodedecode.aspx Paste a file name in korean, select the `euc-kr` encoding in the "Encode with" select box and the `windows-1258` encoding in the "Decode with". Click "Encode / decode!" button and rename your file with the result. I'm not totally sure this is going to work, but it's the only thing I can think of.
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