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  1. @meyraw Why does the rates from PC client and Andro are different. And from my observation, PC client getting the rate of the server and AndRO gets an incorrect rates of the server. Example: @monsterinfo 1975 - you will notice that different drop rates will show from PC client and from AndRO. And also having the same question as @BFPkiller for how can I download client remotely. I understand that I need the clientinfo.xml on specific folder. But how to do this just by downloading the apk file? Right now I'm letting my players to download a separate folder containing client files together with the apk.
  2. How does elemental cards works in Renewal now? Example: * Put quadruple Vadon Card on weapon. - Test in Thor Dungeon - Two same weapons (one with quadruple cards and one without cards) = Result same damage.
  3. undeclared idenfier inf2 = line 12442 src/map/skill.c
  4. Thanks, I will try this.
  5. Notice: Undefined variable: vp in/home/a6561976/public_html/addons/voteforpoints/themes/default/voteforpoints/index.php on line 2
  6. Me too, I'm using your version of flux. I'm using a free webhosting right now, just to test the site will works fine. Do you think its because of the web server? I'm not familiar with chmod -777. Or how bout if I install the tables manually to mysql? will it work? just gonna try this. I will let you know what will happen. btw here is the screenie: Update: No success. from what I can see. I can't read schemas from charmapdb. sad... I don't know what's the cause.
  7. you mean schema privileges in mysql? if that? Yes. I checked all privileges for database ragnarok and log. more to this. I saw that some of the tables were successfully installed but: cp_charprefs not installed cp_itemshop not installed cp_redeemlog not installed cp_xferlog not installed cp_txnlog installed 789 but not the latest 791 the rest of the tables were installed
  8. I've recoded the index.php and disable the line for set_time_limit so it's working now. The only problem I'm facing right now is that the installer page is not showing when I first run the site. So when I created an account or login there was an error regarding sql tables. Any ideas? P.S I'm using free webhosting right now to test how to run the site perfectly. When its all done, I will upload this to paid hosting. Thanks. bump!
  9. It's working now but I noticed that it doesn't load all of the content. Like, some of the images and the css are not correct. I don't know why? more to this... the warning: set_time_limit() is still there.
  10. Problems: The page is loads instantly without the installer appearing (sql tables installation) the warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons. Please, kindly help me. Edit: SOLVED
  11. Rhaven


    Change your group_id to 99 from SQL Database.
  12. Rhaven

    Database Connection

    Then how can I host FLUX within the same database as the the server?