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  1. Hi, This question is related for supporting skill with flags partyonly as priest skill and paladin. Thank you
  2. Thank's @Emistry. Finally after checking i have a problem that even if card are setted not tradable, when they are compounded the item (equipment) is tradable so i didn't choose this way.
  3. Hi, I understand that @inventorylist_card1[] can scans if an item has a card on first slot. So i did this : set [email protected],0; getinventorylist getcharid(0); while ( .[email protected] < @inventorylist_count ) { for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < @inventorylist_count; [email protected]++ ){ if (@inventorylist_card1[[email protected]] == 46105){ dispbottom "foudnd"; } if (@inventorylist_card2[[email protected]] == 46105){ dispbottom "item found"; } } } Is it possible to equip (with *equip <item id>{,<char_id>}; ) the item where the card is compounded? or delitem it? Or we can only scans if there is the card compounded on an equipment? I don't know how to return the id of this equipment. Thank you EDIT : i didn't tried @inventorylist_id[], i believed that i did... Question answered.
  4. ok, ( i made an other topic that i will update if it's answered here). That's for leaving guild but a char need to be online to leave guild so it's ok ( item will be destroyed but it's not a problem for what i want) . Finally, i think the real problem is if the char is kicked from a guild the event can't work when the kicked player is offline, in case that i add an event OnKickGuild. Thx Skorm
  5. kilow

    Guild Package.

    Hello, firstly thank you for having answered me in other topic. I have a question about some guild's package item. I would like to make a guid package but i don't understand how to modify properly sql file (i saw on other post that is needed for adding a guild package ). I think getboundeditem is not really important in my case because the items ' guild package are duplicated items with their own id (with trade restriction setted in _db). I need to use some event for scripting but i don't know if they already exist and if it's possible, i need to check if guild's member have an item of the guild package or if it's in gstorage. 3 Events needed : on leave guild ( answered ) need to add this, but it works only for online player* : https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/src/map/guild.cpp#L983 npc_event_doall_id("OnLeaveGuild", account_id); on break guild (please, correct me if the event is at a wrong place) https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/e8385d812ba327f1019d1f59987233684a6e378d/src/map/guild.cpp#L1893 https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/e8385d812ba327f1019d1f59987233684a6e378d/src/map/guild.cpp#L1967 npc_event_doall_id("OnGuildBreak", g->member[pos].sd->bl.id); on kick player from guild (please, correct me if the event is at a wrong place) : https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/e8385d812ba327f1019d1f59987233684a6e378d/src/map/guild.cpp#L930 npc_event_doall_id("OnKickGuild", account_id); For the other events, it seems to be good because player need to online to leave a guild or kicking all members before breaking a guild. Thank you community's helper.
  6. Hello, I tried getitembound on npc and command, it works but there is no restriction ( trading etc...) I Know that it's an old topic but i have some question about sql. Is it a specific sql file in server folder or should i open with mysql Work bench and after, edit this file? I don't see guild package script ( trunk/sql-files) After that, this script should be added in the same file?? : Same question for the OnLeaveGuild, if it exist. Thank you
  7. kilow

    Callfunc error

    thank you sader1992.
  8. Hello, I'm trying to use callfunc but if the function is written on an other npc it doesn't work. I read this on wiki *callfunc "<function>"{,<argument>,...<argument>}; *callfunc("<function>"{,<argument>,...<argument>}) This command lets you call up a function NPC. A function NPC can be called from any script on any map server. Using the 'return' command it will come back to the place that called it. Alternately, as of rAthena revision 15979 and 15981, user-defined functions may be called directly without the use of the 'callfunc' script command. Calling a function written inside a npc works but when i'm trying to call a function from an other npc it says : buildin_callfunc Function Not found. Example that works : gonryun,147,127,6 script testfunction 808,{ function helpme; function helpme{ mapannounce "gonryun", "Rathena, please help me.", bc_map; end; } helpme; mes "you send message to Rathena"; end; } I am trying to do this on the NPCnumber2 : gonryun,147,127,6 script testfunction 808,{ function helpme; function helpme{ mapannounce "gonryun", "Rathena, please help me.", bc_map; end; } helpme; mes "you send message to Rathena"; end; } gonryun,141,127,6 script NPCnumber2 809,{ callfunc "helpme"; end; } thank you
  9. Ok, this works, thank you. * i tried this line in a wrong file because it was written : // - Does not affect card/item-granted drops. To adjust card/item-granted // drops, edit them in item_db. English is not my native language so i believed that this comment said that for card it can't be possible to writte directly on the file.
  10. i am not sure what you say exactly but i would like all mvp to 0.5 ( so i set 5000 as i write in the first post ), except few mvp to 0.25 ( 2500). That is why i did like that, and adjust those few mvp after seting to 0.5 commons mvp. If i understand you, i can only do that with adjustement mvp by mvp? ( make the card to 0.5% and 0.25 one by one?
  11. Hi, I didn't found / understand how specific drop's card rate works, aspecially if i need to set a value smaller than global value. For example : item_rate_card: 100000 //10% item_rate_card_boss: 10000 // 1% item_rate_card_mvp: 5000 // 0.50% item_drop_card_min: 100 item_drop_card_max: 100000 For GTB, not 0.50 % but 0.25% - Item: Golden_Bug_Card Rate: 1 -- no change ( > 0.5% according to item_rate_card_mvp) Rate: 100 gives GTB card at 25% but how to set a smaller value? because writing this : - Item: Golden_Bug_Card Rate: 0.5 or 0,5 -- make error I alsow tried to write 4128, 2500 in item_db.yml ( db/pre re and db/) 4128, 10 in item_db.yml ( db/pre re and db/) ( to test ) Thank you
  12. Of course, as i say, the first time not, but the second and third time that i tryed, yes. edit : solved. hard to explain, but i needed to write a new password and added database in php admin, create same user account.
  13. thx, I used pre-re data but with Re it works.
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