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  1. Hello, thanks for being here, i have this question about the aspd penalty for using a sword on the right hand. Where do i see this aspd formula?
  2. Hey man, i tried to use that one, but, for some reasong the mobs aren't show when you accept the mission, Why is this happening?
  3. parse_line: expect command, missing function name or calling undeclared function 846 : ep_illusion = 13; 847 : completequest 7862; 848 : setquest 7864; 849 : getitem 25669,25; 850 : getexp 1000000,800000; * 851 : 'c'lose4; The mapserver console is telling me that error, Someone know about it?
  4. I've been trying to solve a problem with dead cells on maps, for now is just prontera is like a 4x4 space that can't be use and is in the fricking middle of the map xDDD. Someone told me to use the Brow edit, and im trying to use it, but, there is and issue with it whenever i try to open the app the cmd throw me this FS: Error opening grf C:\Users\heisa\Downloads\client\data.grf. But, the rdata is fine. How can i solve this problem?
  5. Im hoping you read this, it didn't work. What else could i try?
  6. Hello, i have this issue with cells that can't be click in, for example en prontera i have a couple for cells that i cant click, there for, i cant move on them, i don't know how many are but, for now i have found 4x4 space. How can i fix this?
  7. I was trying to get this palette to work and a friend of my said that i have to move the max limite of cloths, haird, etc, so i did it. And now, this error doesnt let me in How can i fix this?
  8. Greetings, hi, i have this problem with the renewal, there is some skills that are not working as they supposed to, por example, Reflect Damage of the Royal Guard isn't reflecting damage, the skills seems fine, the script seems fine as well, but, even if the skill can be activated ingame, it doesnt work, something similar happen to Pressure from the paladin, the skill does damage but doesn't drain sp. Does someone know why are this skills giving problems and how can i fix them?
  9. Ya lo puse y no funcionó. Tambien, la skill pressure no funciona correctamente, no drena sp.
  10. Hola, disculpa que me meta así a al conversación, pero, necesito ayuda, todo funciona a la perfección(Hasta el momento) pero, hay una skill Reflect damage del RG que no está funcionando, la skill aparece activa y demás, pero, no refleja el daño. ¿Qué podría ser el problema? Gracias de antemano
  11. Hola, buenas, tenía una pregunta respecto a esto del servidor, en apariencia todo está funcionando perfectamente, no obstante, encontré 2 problemas: 1. Hay skills que no funcionan y 2. Los npc no están. ¿Como puedo reparar este problema? Gracias de ante mano!
  12. Hello, sorry for disturbing. So, the thing is this: I am making a server(at least trying to) But i have some issues with several things... Main things are: 1. Basic damage, reflect damage. For example, when you click on character an do basic hits and reflect damage with reflect shield and reflect damage. I haven't been able to increase those damages, which are too low, the question is: Where do i find those formulas and how can i increase them without messing everything. Edit: It's trying to be a renewal server... Edit2lol: The skill of the RG, Shield Spell is not working, How do i fix it? Thank you for reading.
  13. Olvídenlo, lo copié en la lua y la otra lua del costume grf, y luego compilé el servidor y funcionó lol. NO SÉ si haya sido bueno, pero, fue lo único que se me ocurrió.
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