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  1. Longing for freedom cannot be casted and placed wrong in "etc" skill tree. there is "special" something skill in the 2nd job skill tree instead. that skill cannot be learned. anyone knows how to fix this? thanks
  2. where should i put this in this ? Index: src/map/status.c =================================================================== --- src/map/status.c (revision 17251) +++ src/map/status.c (working copy) @@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ #include "mercenary.h" #include "elemental.h" #include "vending.h" +#include "party.h" #include <time.h> #include <stdio.h> @@ -9113,6 +9114,15 @@ in this status.cpp #include "status.hpp" #include <functional> #include <math.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string> #include <yaml-cpp/yaml.h> #include "../common/cbasetypes.hpp" #include "../common/ers.hpp" #include "../common/malloc.hpp" #include "../common/nullpo.hpp" #include "../common/random.hpp" #include "../common/showmsg.hpp" #include "../common/strlib.hpp" #include "../common/timer.hpp" #include "../common/utilities.hpp" #include "../common/utils.hpp" #include "battle.hpp" #include "battleground.hpp" #include "clif.hpp" #include "elemental.hpp" #include "guild.hpp" #include "homunculus.hpp" #include "itemdb.hpp" #include "map.hpp" #include "mercenary.hpp" #include "mob.hpp" #include "npc.hpp" #include "path.hpp" #include "pc.hpp" #include "pc_groups.hpp" #include "pet.hpp" #include "script.hpp" using namespace rathena; also notice that the stuff that needs to be put in there is h format not hpp i just bought the file yesterday i dont quite understand please help thx
  3. Can the log shows in descending list to bottom instead of extending upward? right now its liket this : dispbottom "==================== Guild Storage Log ==================",0xFFD64F; dispbottom "===================================================",0xFFD64F; for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]_id);[email protected]++) dispbottom [email protected]$[[email protected]] + " Player[" + [email protected]$[[email protected]] + "] Item Name[" + getitemname([email protected]_id[[email protected]]) + "] Item Amount[" + [email protected][[email protected]] + "]",(([email protected][[email protected]] > 0)?0x00FF00:0xFF0000); dispbottom "===================================================",0xFFD64F;
  4. Can the log shows in descending list to bottom instead of extending upward? thanks
  5. i've been looking for this command to show buff of teammates in party list box : B - Blessing A - Agility Up F - Full Chemical Protection S - Soul Link + - Devotion and i found that the paid version is not supported anymore. any way to get this? thank you.
  6. still cannot fix this issue. anyone knows the cause? pls help
  7. sharp shooting sometimes stuck after warp. i already use bragi's poem. but for a couple of seconds its stuck after doing some sharpshooting skill. about 3 seconds stuck and then it continues spamming with delay reduced by bragi's normally. whats wrong? any way to fix this? Thank you
  8. i was able to login again after serveral attempts to login. but what actually caused this? please help. thanks. can login other char in the same account other players nearby dont get same problem
  9. sometimes abysmal knight lose its effect and doesnt increace damage to mini boss or boss monster after @reloadmobdb its fixed but it will happen again later any way to fix this?
  10. i have the same problem. any solution?
  11. hello i'm having a problem where sometimes boss monsters won't be affected by abysmal knight card, so the damage dealt to the Boss monster is like damage without card but when i reloadmobdb the issue stops for a couple of hours until it happens again i don't know about normal monsters because there is only reports about Boss Monsters from player and also i tried spawning the same Boss Monster in different location. the Boss monster i spawn doesn't have the bug. please, have anyone ever experienced this issue? HELP. PLZ thanks
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