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  1. But arent those for hitting enemies? I want to activate bonus scripts when the player gets hit by an enemy skill. How would I need to use the command to make it work on getting hit by a certain skill?
  2. Hey everyone, Im trying to add some Itemscripts that activate when hit by a certain skill or element. So Im able to do stuff like giving the player a chance to increase wind resistance for a few seconds after beeing hit by a wind skill and something like that. Does anyone know how to do something like that with scripts or do I need to do a source edit? And if its not possible with script how hard would it be to add something like autobonus <bonus script>,<rate>,<duration>{,<flag>,{<other script>}}; that activates after beeing hit by a certain skill? Im thankfull for any help you can give :3
  3. I would like to change the Bgm of a map on different times while the server is running. I guess the best way to do so would be a mapflag that marks a map to play a certain bgm when you enter it. Something like: prontera mapflag playbgm "06.mp3" So it would be easy to change the bgm for all players all the time. I guess something like that would be easy to implement but to be honest I have no idea how. ^^" Is anyone able to do It or can help?
  4. I don't want to beg or anything.. but is someone able to make a 2014-02-05b version from this? xD I would love to use it but have no idea how to make one... D:
  5. Hey everyone, I need a bit help with a new script command... I want a command like "instance_init", but for one map at the time only. It doesn't have to be a complete new command. It would be enough to change instance_init like I need it.. I need something like this: instance_initmap "<map name>"{,<instance id>}; or instance_init <instance id>{,"<map name>"}; Example: set $instanceID, instance_create("New Instance",0,IOT_NONE); // Create the instance instance_attachmap("prontera",$instanceID,1,"Cursed Prontera"); // Attach a map to the instance instance_attachmap("prontera",$instanceID,1,"Blessed Prontera"); // Attach a second map to the instance instance_initmap "Cursed Prontera",$instanceID; // Only initialize the first one I want to add maps to the instance on different points later on but cant initialize them because the instance already was initialized before. Is it possible to do something like above? A changed instance_attachmap would work too, if it's easier to make. Something like instance_attachmap2(), and it would work like instance_attachmap only with the difference that it will initialize the map after it was attached to the instance. So is anyone here able to, or wants to help me creating this command? I don't even know how to start. ^^" Hopefully someone knows what i meant. My English is not the best. D:
  6. Hey everyone, i need a bit help with adding an custom skill... The skill dont even need to do something, it is for visual/quest purpose only and should be a permanent passive skill. The Problem is, everytime i try to learn it with "skill 8501,1,0;" i get a [Error]: pc_skill: Skill with id 8501 does not exist in the skill database from the server. I used this guide and addet the skill to My Question, did i forget something? When i start the server it shows that the new skill was successfully loaded with the skill_db.txt No Errors until the moment i want to learn it. So nothing happens at all. Any ideas? Thanks. :3
  7. Is it possible to change the color of the black background in a custom made map? Like in Yuno? There is a blue background with the cloud2 weather effect over it. So it looks like the sky. Any Ideas? xD Thanks. ^^
  8. Download this mp3: put it into your bgm folder and try again. EDIT: I've tried a little bit... some clients seem to crash with the new bitrate bgm :/ so bitrate changing is no solution. xD
  9. Well.. i dont think this is a Anime but i currently watch Legend of Kora. xD Im not that big anime fan.. but i watched a few.. - K-On! - Spice and Wolf - Chobits - Astarotte's Toy - Kore wa Zombie desu ka? The half of the anime ive watched are already listed.
  10. I think its the bitrate. I have the same problem. It dont play any bgm, with and without all the files. Then i changed the bitrate of a few songs in the bgm folder (like the opening) and the changed files works now in game. Dont know why i have to do that. Dont want to edit all the bgm files. xD Can this be a issue with client or lua?
  11. Just a few Infos,... The emperium is located in the 3dmob folder in the data.grf The bones, animations and textures are stored in the empelium90_0.gr2 I dont know how to edit the file, but with the Granny3D Viewer you can see whats in there. (full texture, play the animations, model with bones,....) The Granny3D Viewer is from this Site: http://gr2decode.alt...g/download.html The site has a few tools to edit the .gr2, but i dont had the time yet to look into that... If this is too difficult, you can just change the path to the empelium in the jobname.lua to use a sprite instead. On this line: [jobtbl.JT_EMPELIUM] = "Empelium90_0.gr2",
  12. The Death Knight is using the sprite of the Knight, right? Is it possible to change the Death Knights Sprite without changing the Sprite of the Knight? xD I remember to read that you need to decompile the client. How difficult is it? Is there another way? thanks in advance ^ ^
  13. its casting because of the renewal mechanics just search in srcmapconfigrenewal.h #define RECASTING 1 and change the 1 to 0 then compile and try again :3
  14. if you want to add monster spawns to a map you just need to add a line to the mob files in the npcmobs folder. like this one npcmobsdungeonsabbey.txt // MapName,x,y,xs,ys monster MonsterName MonsterID,amount,delay1,delay2,event abbey01,0,0,0,0 monster Banshee 1867,93,5000,0,0 More description to monster spawns in your docscript_commands.txt just search ** Create a permanent monster spawn: ^^
  15. have you compiled after you add the // ?