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  1. Snap

    DJ Npc

    i saw this kind of script a while ago ( at the compilation of released scripts ) anyone got a back-up of it? or can someone make a new npc that plays the request of the players?
  2. Any Program that supports in exchanging the bitrate of the bgm?
  3. Woah! Thanks bro.! +1 Respect
  4. Snap

    GM Level Bug?

    { id: 90 name: "Co-Admin" level: 100 inherit: ( "Helper", "Co-Admin" ) commands: { accinfo: true } log_commands: true permissions: { can_trade: false can_party: true all_skill: true all_equipment: true skill_unconditional: true use_check: true use_changemaptype: true all_commands: true } Can it be? up
  5. Does anyone has a small pvp map with less buildings / houses? or simply a small battleground so that i can make it my pvp room. ( Preferable : Circle , Square or Rectangle Shape ) I tried to look it on the Downloads. They were removed.
  6. Snap

    Map Error

    NVM its fixed
  7. Thanks. I will be installing this now.
  8. Snap

    Script Command?

    please be specific please.
  9. I cannot find that in rAthena up
  10. Snap

    GM Level Bug?

    Lol? I am just confuse in adding at group.conf
  11. Okay i just installed Flux CP and then suddenly a bunch of errors is occurring at the register page. My Host said that Flux is not yet well-supported by rAthena. Is that true?
  12. Snap

    GM Level Bug?

    Okay i am using the latest rAthena I tried to add a GM Level to my Other account And as i @who it using my Admin (99) it says NOT EXISTENT GROUP! Okay i just found it at group.conf. How can i add 90 80 70 60 Position? Please help
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