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  1. Global Drop Src

    Anyone who could lead? Thanks!
  2. Super Novice Chant

    Closed! Solved!
  3. Cash Items Stacking

    Fixed. Thanks!
  4. Cash Items Stacking

    Hi, Anyone who could lead me the way in proper implementation of item_stack? I've been messing with the config already including the item_db and item_stack but still not able to make the items stack in storage or inventory. (See image below) Item #1 Item #2 So what I did is, add a value in re/item_stack.txt Value: 14003,100,15 //ItemID,MaxStackAmount,Type Problem: I can't make it stack. Not sure if its a database error that I encounter or maybe client? BTW: Client using: 20170125 Appreciate the help. Regards!
  5. Super Novice Chant

    So what do I need to edit for the novice chant to work on max level?
  6. Global Drop Src

    @GodKnows Jhomz: Unfortunately it doesn't work with autoloot with the script provided or I was wrong. That's why it's better if its not script. Like an item_global_drop.txt wherein you can just add items there like 607,100 // ITEMID,Drop Rate
  7. Global Drop Src

    So if its getitem, will autoloot 100% or alootid +itemID will get the item? or?
  8. Super Novice Chant

    How to enable Super Novice Chant while at max level? When I try to use the chant when at level 99 or 160 there's pop-up chat that is says. How to remove that check? Want super novice chant to be used in max level.
  9. Global Drop Src

    @GodKnows Jhomz: Unfortunately don't want to use NPCKillEvent since it will be directed to your Inventory.
  10. R> Instance Cooldown NPC

    Hi Sir, you choose an instance and remove the cooldown for it. Since some instance have cooldown. But to be able to remove the cooldown you should pay x item or zeny.
  11. Global Drop Src

    Hi, Requesting for a global drop src wherein you can add items to be dropped by all monster via global_drop.txt. E.G. ItemID,Percentage (10518,50) Wanted to use NPCKillEvent but problem is that all items go directly to the inventory. I want it to be dropped normally by monster. Regards!
  12. OnPCLoadMapEvent Question

    I don't get it. How to put on warps/teleporters?
  13. OnPCLoadMapEvent Question

    Is this script command resource hungry? Upon reading on the scripts_command. It says "Imagine the server load with 1,000 players (oh the pain...)", will this really be a problem? I plan to implement a script wherein it checks all map with mf_pvp flag and announce to Player how many players are in the map via message. And also announce by map if the player has entered the map. Regards
  14. Can this be updated including the TE maps?
  15. Hi Sir @Stolao, tried the auto-event but somehow when setting multiple events at any day. The schedule is messed up. Let's say I entered it on Sunday, it shows on Monday. While doing it on Wednesday, it shows on Thursday.