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  1. please help me . i can't diff my own client for my 3ceam server.. i used 2010 07 30 but there are alot of errors. please help me to make a non dual login , 25max flood, and max hair and cloth color. thanks..
  2. Client Name: Xylene Ragnarok Online Client Date: 2011-03-15 or any other working =) SVN of Client: rathena 15523 Client Diffs: - Enable Over 99 Aura -Allow Multiple Windows -Enable Multiple GRFs -Show EXP/Job Bars up to 255 -Unlimited Loading Screens -Enable 127 Hairstyles -Enable Title Bar Menu -Remove Gravity Logo and Ads -Use Ragnarok Icon -Only First Login Background -Show All Buttons In Login Background -Load lua before Lub -Increase HG View ID 2000 -Adjust Font Size - Use Arial All Langtypes Thank you!
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