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  1. I was able to make this source work in latest git of rathena, but i have one problem, how to make this PVP with user counting instead of PK. i want something like this, tq
  2. noobzter003

    Cell PVP

    i have the same problem, bump bump bump.. have you fixed it?
  3. tq already fix. i just decrypt my grf.
  4. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?> <clientinfo> <servicetype>america</servicetype> <servertype>primary</servertype> <connection> <display>[ your RAGNAROK ONLINE ]</display> <address>1000000000</address> <port>6900</port> <version>30</version> <langtype>1</langtype> <packetver>20131223</packetver> <increase_max_hairstyles>500</increase_max_hairstyles> <increase_max_haircolors>600</increase_max_haircolors> <read_data_directory_first>true</read_data_directory_first> <iteminfo>your.lub</iteminfo> <hide_quickcashshop_button>true</hide_quickcashshop_button> <max_guildpositions>72</max_guildpositions> <registrationweb>http://we.com/cp/?module=account&action=create</registrationweb> <aid> <admin>2000000</admin> <admin>2000001</admin> <admin>2000002</admin> <admin>2000003</admin> <admin>2000004</admin> <admin>2000005</admin> <admin>2000006</admin> <admin>2000007</admin> <admin>2000008</admin> <admin>2000009</admin> <admin>2000010</admin> <admin>2000011</admin> </aid> <loading> <image>loading00.jpg</image> <image>loading01.jpg</image> <image>loading02.jpg</image> <image>loading03.jpg</image> <image>loading04.jpg</image> <image>loading05.jpg</image> <image>loading06.jpg</image> <image>loading07.jpg</image> <image>loading08.jpg</image> <image>loading09.jpg</image> <image>loading10.jpg</image> </loading> <patchserver> <type>thor</type> <http>http://we.com/patcher/plist.txt</http> <ftp>http://we.com/patcher/data/</ftp> <grf>yourro.grf</grf> <inf>your.dat</inf> </patchserver> </connection> </clientinfo> why auto close? there's no any error. just autoclose
  5. this script its 100% working on my server.
  6. i have working custom job, but i have one peoblem i cannot wear items. i follow this guide: https://herc.ws/board/topic/9273-guide-how-to-add-custom-jobs/ TIA
  7. i create custom job, where can i edit weight for my custom job. TIA
  8. how you make it work? mine always autoclosed
  9. int atcommand_pkmode( const int fd, struct map_session_data *sd, const char *command, const char *message ) { nullpo_retr(-1, sd); if( map_getmapflag(sd->bl.m, MF_PVP) || map_getmapflag(sd->bl.m, MF_PVP) || map_getmapflag(sd->bl.m, MF_GVG_CASTLE) || map_getmapflag(sd->bl.m, MF_GVG_DUNGEON) ) { clif_displaymessage(fd, "You can only change your PK state on non-PVP maps."); return -1; } else if (!sd->state.pk_mode) { sd->state.pk_mode = 1; clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, "You are now no longer in PK mode."); } else { sd->state.pk_mode = 0; clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, "Returned to normal state."); } return 0; }
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