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  1. It's not "end". This is part of the system and cause problems if removed. The "end" must be added after the last sound always . If you give me a screenshot or error name, and, your DATA.INI or data/wav screenshot, i can help you better.
  2. http://pastebin.com/PYZCnpei OnPCKillEvent: if((gettimetick(0) - getd("@LastTTick_"+killedrid) < (3*60*1000)) end; else setd "@LastTTick_" + killedrid, gettimetick(0); callfunc("pvpm_func","PCKillEvent");
  3. hmm... i don't recommend, but.. here is @552,1 Find: OnPCKillEvent: callfunc("pvpm_func","PCKillEvent"); Replace with: OnPCKillEvent: if((gettimetick(0) - lastKillTimeTick) < (3*60*1000)) end; else set lastKillTimeTick, gettimetick(0); callfunc("pvpm_func","PCKillEvent");
  4. So, this maybe work: OnPCKillEvent: if((gettimetick(0) - lastKillTimeTick) < (3*60*1000)) end; else set lastKillTimeTick, gettimetick(0); set PvP_Points, PvP_Points + 1; [...]
  5. I'll implement this in future versions. I had mind about this problem and i thought some solutions, maybe i don't make your suggestion but i'll fix with others methods. Obs: This an international section, write english.
  6. Not true, you can choice one, two, three or any amount of language to install (if you translate the language table to others languages). The script must have installed 1 language only to work.
  7. Change the following lines below: @28,2 - if(gettimetick(2) - lastTimeTalked > (60 * 60 * 24)) { + if((gettimetick(2) - ##lastTimeTalked) > (60 * 60 * 24)) @44,4 - set lastTimeTalked, gettimetick(2); + set ##lastTimeTalked, gettimetick(2); ##var it's a account variable. Download the edited script here: http://pastebin.com/7VNru6ZS
  8. 1. Absolutely, it's a bad sounds instalation. Try install again. 2. Combowhore, Whicked Sick and Rampage were not added in the script, but you can add editing the sound list. (it's not problem cause) -- i don't remeber the order of sounds, just a example: set [email protected]$[1],"First Blood"; // | set [email protected]$[2],"Double Kill"; // | set [email protected]$[3],"Triple Kill"; // | set [email protected]$[5],"Mega Kill"; // | set [email protected]$[10],"Ultra Kill"; // | set [email protected]$[15],"Killing Spree"; // | set [email protected]$[20],"Ownage"; // | set [email protected]$[25],"Holy Shit"; // | set [email protected]$[30],"God Like"; // | set [email protected]$[35],"Combowhore"; // added set [email protected]$[40],"Whicked Sick"; // added set [email protected]$[45],"Rampage"; //added set [email protected]$[50],"Dominating"; // | set [email protected]$[55],"Unstoppable"; // | set [email protected]$[60],"Monster Kill"; // | set [email protected]$[61],"end"; // necessary after the last sound.
  9. Yes, but there is a better way: prontera,155,151,5 script Testing Online Player 954,{ mes "Party Online Players: "+callfunc("getPartyOnlinePlayers", getcharid(1)); close; } -- Sorry for miss ')'
  10. Error? Check if wave files is in data/wav or in your GRF. If the problem is't the files, show me a screenshot.
  11. Yes, it's possible. http://pastebin.com/TfCsDcNR /* getPartyOnlinePlayers(party_id); */ function script getPartyOnlinePlayers { set @counter, 0; getpartymember(getarg(0)); for(set @i, 0; @i <= [email protected]; set @i, @i+1) { if(isloggedin(getcharid(3,[email protected]$[@i]), getcharid(0,[email protected]$[@i]))) set @counter, @counter + 1; } return @counter; } Example: set @onlinememberscount, callfunc("getPartyOnlinePlayers", getcharid(1)); # Sorry for the error, fixed
  12. I have a very very old CTF script was i made, but it's in portuguese. i don't know if have bugs. However, if you are interested, download and test. I will translate to english and post it soon, but would like implement battleground system in the script before.
  13. Even you already have fixed the problem, you must check if value exist in table to avoid a column clone, and also check the return of input. Replace your T_Add label to this: T_Add: do { set @r_input, input([email protected],2000000,2005000); } while (@r_input != 0); // check if the input value is in the range if(!query_sql("SELECT account_id FROM `login` WHERE account_id ="[email protected],[email protected])) goto T_Fail; if(attachrid([email protected])) { set ##owner,1; } else { if([email protected]) //prevent two or more insertion in table query_sql "INSERT INTO `global_reg_value` (`char_id`, `str`, `value`, `type`, `account_id`) VALUES ('0','##owner','1','1','"[email protected]+"')"; else query_sql("UPDATE `global_reg_value` SET `value` = 1 WHERE `str`='##owner' AND `account_id`='"[email protected]+"'"); } end;
  14. Two points, 1. Check if the table have more than 1 result for the condition. You didn't check if value already exist to use the UPDATE command. This is necessary. 2. Maybe, the variable is being overridden when the map-server execute your "Save routine". This occours when player is online and you use a query to alter values in global_reg_value. Try use attachrid to set variable when player is online, this should fix your problem.
  15. Nice, i don't have much time but i will try a Staff application.
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