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  1. I can almost see the 999/800 expansion... Gravity is really running out of ideas. I guess that there is about 90% of chance of a ton of formulas about to be changed. But those new skills seems to be really nice. I'm anxious to take a look at 'em. :3
  2. I guess it is supposed to show those buttons after doing what you've done... Have you tested it in-game?
  3. @@Capuche I've started scripting it just like this suggestion of yours, but I've changed it to AttachRid 'cause of the array size limit...
  4. O'right, I'll edit it to loop the quantity of existent accounts ASAP. ><
  5. Basically: - scrip PmThisScript -1,{ OnWhisperGlobal: if(getgroupid != 99) end; if([email protected]$) { dispbottom "Be sure to tell me the ID of the item you want to prize all the online characters."; dispbottom "[PM to npc:PmThisScript] : <item_id>#<item_quantity>"; dispbottom "Example:"; dispbottom "npc:PmThisScript | 999#10"; dispbottom "This will give 10 "+getitemname(999)+" to all online characters."; end; } if( ! ([email protected]_this_id = atoi(@whispervar0$)) || ! ([email protected]_this_quantity = atoi(@whispervar1$) || ! getitemname([email protected]_this_id) ) { dispbottom "The given ID couldn't be processed."; dispbottom "Be sure to use only numeric values and checked item IDs."; end; } [email protected]_to = getcharid(3); // After-checking, let's do the dirty job! query_sql("SELECT `account_id` FROM `login` DESC LIMIT 0,1", [email protected]); for( [email protected] = 2000000; [email protected] < [email protected][0]; [email protected]++) { if( isloggedin([email protected]) ) { attachrid([email protected]); getitem [email protected]_this_id, [email protected]_this_quantity; } } if( ! attachrid([email protected]_to) ) { debugmes "The Administrator couldn't be contacted through the ACCOUNT_ID["[email protected]_to+"]!"; end; } dispbottom [email protected]_this_quantity+" "+getitemname([email protected]_this_id)+" had been successfully given to all online characters!"; end;I hadn't tested it, be sure to tell me if it doesn't work or if you want a modification on [email protected]: Script fixed accordingly @@Capuche loop-warning. Thank him! Also removed unnecessary detachrid, as the rid is automatically detached with a new instance of the attachrid command. -- yet not tested --
  6. Please, post log-server and char-server screenshots. It is not easy to tell which problem is happening with the actual given information.
  7. Which rAthena revision are you using? bMatk was implemented somewhat recently, and it was absent until so.
  8. If you want it to be triggered when the player log in a map, use this: - /tab/ script /tab/ item_checker /tab/ -1,{ OnPcLoadMapEvent: if(strcharinfo(3) == "prontera" && countitem(7227) ) { warp "Save",0,0; } end; } prontera /tab/ mapflag /tab/ loadevent You can just replace "common npc header" with your npc header, it has anything special on it. Also, if you will still use the previous script, remove the "!" before "countitem"... it shouldn't be there. Ask me if it don't work.
  9. Ooh, I just had misunderstanding... just replace the getitem command to warp command, like this: common npc header,{ set [email protected]_item_id, <here>; if(!countitem([email protected]_item_id)) { warp "Save",0,0; } end; }
  10. common npc header,{ set [email protected]_item_id, <here>; set [email protected]_item_qt, <here>; if(!countitem([email protected]_item_id)) { getitem [email protected]_item_id, [email protected]_item_qt; } end; } This will work, but if the player stores the item, it can get more. If you want to change this, tell me.
  11. I see... so, forget that. I thought it would be treated like a normal NPC. xD
  12. I guess it needs Ontouch... because if the players clicks the portal, the effects will trigger. x_x I don't think that it is the point of a portal anw, just for semantic reasons. So, you can just add this to Annie's awesome script: prontera,156,172,1 script portal1 45,2,2,{ end; // Do nothing when the player clicks OnTouch: // Execute script when the player approaches switch ( rand(3) ) { default: getitem 606,10; break; case 1: getitem 608,20; break; case 2: getitem 607,20; } warp "Save", 0,0; end; } @edit: fixed typo at my bbcode
  13. You're probably using incompatible lua files related to your hexed.
  14. Why don't you use warp "SavePoint",0,0; Instead of and atcommand?
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