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  1. 2022 here, To download the 2017 version, you need to scroll down the page a bit, and find and click "Visual Studio Express" text link. Then scroll down again and click on "Express 2017 for Windows Desktop" to download the web installer. While it say "Express", you can still choose the VS Community 2017 later. *if the open up windows is empty, you need to close the optional window first, then choose the Community Editon in the [Available] Tab When you choose the SDK Individual Component with Windows 10, you have to download "Windows 10 SDK". There is no Windows 8.1 SDK in Windows 10, but you can find it if your pc/laptop have Windows 7 installed.
  2. correct me if wrong, the evolution required a pet with a full intimacy, if you set the 'Fullness' to 0, this mean the pet will never get hungry and the intimacy will never increas. How about to try set a value, to see if the autofeed and evolution menu will appears and works or not. and to make intimacy increase faster, try to set IntimacyFed, you can also increase the pet intimacy with @petfriendly (max. 1000).
  3. The Unpatched Ragexe Client or the Translated Data? if you wants only the Exe, you can get from http://nemo.herc.ws/clients/ If you want the Translated Data, search in this post (2012 version) Or from here https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE/ and build your own GRF
  4. You need to change the sprite setting for the item (if you wants to make the blue match the red) In "Your Ragnarok Online/System" Folder, open ItemInfo.lub or ItemInfo_sak.lub (depend on your servertype in clientinfo) I assume, you are using Large Baphomet Horns with ID 5518 or if you have different item, search the item you want to change in the ItemInfo identifiedDisplayName = "Gigantic Majestic Goat", identifiedResourceName = "대형마제스틱고우트", ClassNum = 180 Since the "red" one sprite derived from Majestic goat (ID 2256), you need search and change your "Large Baphomet Horns" sprite copy the identifiedResourceName (Sprite's File Name) ClassNum (This is similar to View ID) So, your data will be like this identifiedDisplayName = "Gigantic Majestic Goat", identifiedResourceName = "마제스틱고우트", ClassNum = 41 You can change different headgear with this way, if you want to change different sprite (not headgear) you don't need to fill the ClassNum Also this way only work with 2015+ Clients
  5. which client do you use, Ragexe or RagexeRE? if it RagexeRE, you need sclientinfo not clientinfo (you can try to rename your clientinfo.xml into sclientinfo.xml)
  6. isnt it related to merchants ? /merchants/ammo_boxes.txt
  7. Hello, its been a while, i've a question is there a way to make homunculus get experience from master in pre-renewal mode with newer client? (example 2018-06-21) because it only work with pre-renewal mode. After homunculus auto attack AI doesnt work in newer client, its become so pain to farm exp for homunculus with manual attack, i dont want to came back using older client (which it work) because i want to add some newer client feature. thanks for your answer ~ EDIT : the latest NEMO Homunculus auto attack AI patch update working now thx @4144 (you need to update it up to July 1st, 2020) but i still want the master shared exp feature
  8. I think this is the clue bro, Note: MIN_STORAGE + vip_storage_increase cannot exceed MAX_STORAGE. Your MIN_STORAGE is 600 You set MAX_STORAGE to 800 So, you only have 200 space available to use also if you want to add more MAX_STORAGE, there is a limit for this, but i dont remember the exact number, @Start_ suggestion is the only way for you to add more storage space.
  9. How about to try change your encoder/converter? i usually use Format Factory, you can change the bitrate in the output setting while choosing the file. and its just normal if a Bgm is read only for a game, because the engine only need to read and dont need to write.
  10. its an old bug, dont mind, as long your mp3 can be hear at first time,. even default mp3 come from installer sometime will stop play (usually when your char warped into the map), but for most custom mp3 you have to change your custom mp3 bitrate to make it more stable, example you can try to readjust between 144, 128, 96 or 80, just dont use higher bitrate like 192 - 320kbps, it takes time to load, and makes your slow pc player suffer. btw, you can add your own mp3 without replace any file from BGM file, you only need to add your mp3 file name in each mapname you wanted to change inside mp3nametables.txt
  11. have you try? make clean then compile again
  12. I have different error, in mine, my job_db1.txt missing 1 column. i dont have column "Shield" Also all characters in my server have 190 ASPD, even with only 1 agi and 1 dex, is job_db1.txt cause it ? *Note: i just download rAthena hours ago, i only have two edit on source, disable renewal and add packetver on define-pre.hpp // JobID,Weight,HPFactor,HPMultiplicator,SPFactor,Unarmed,Dagger,1HSword,2HSword,1HSpear,2HSpear,1HAxe,2HAxe,1HMace,2HMace(unused),Rod,Bow,Knuckle,Instrument,Whip,Book,Katar,Revolver,Rifle,Gatling Gun,Shotgun,Grenade Launcher,Fuuma Shuriken,2HStaff // // Novice 0, 20000,0 ,500 ,100 ,500 ,650 ,700 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,800 ,2000 ,700 ,700 ,650 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 , 650 thx for anyone who can answer this problem **EDIT : I've solve my own, i dont completly change my configuration into pre-renewal, LoL. Now all characters on my server have normal ASPD, and no more job_db1.txt error on the map-server console.
  13. Wogh this thread really helped, but can you add a recomendation client date on the list ? it will be help people who dont come here / update often, like me
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