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  1. How about to try change your encoder/converter? i usually use Format Factory, you can change the bitrate in the output setting while choosing the file. and its just normal if a Bgm is read only for a game, because the engine only need to read and dont need to write.
  2. its an old bug, dont mind, as long your mp3 can be hear at first time,. even default mp3 come from installer sometime will stop play (usually when your char warped into the map), but for most custom mp3 you have to change your custom mp3 bitrate to make it more stable, example you can try to readjust between 144, 128, 96 or 80, just dont use higher bitrate like 192 - 320kbps, it takes time to load, and makes your slow pc player suffer. btw, you can add your own mp3 without replace any file from BGM file, you only need to add your mp3 file name in each mapname you wanted to change inside mp3nametables.txt
  3. have you try? make clean then compile again
  4. I have different error, in mine, my job_db1.txt missing 1 column. i dont have column "Shield" Also all characters in my server have 190 ASPD, even with only 1 agi and 1 dex, is job_db1.txt cause it ? *Note: i just download rAthena hours ago, i only have two edit on source, disable renewal and add packetver on define-pre.hpp // JobID,Weight,HPFactor,HPMultiplicator,SPFactor,Unarmed,Dagger,1HSword,2HSword,1HSpear,2HSpear,1HAxe,2HAxe,1HMace,2HMace(unused),Rod,Bow,Knuckle,Instrument,Whip,Book,Katar,Revolver,Rifle,Gatling Gun,Shotgun,Grenade Launcher,Fuuma Shuriken,2HStaff // // Novice 0, 20000,0 ,500 ,100 ,500 ,650 ,700 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,800 ,2000 ,700 ,700 ,650 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 , 650 thx for anyone who can answer this problem **EDIT : I've solve my own, i dont completly change my configuration into pre-renewal, LoL. Now all characters on my server have normal ASPD, and no more job_db1.txt error on the map-server console.
  5. Wogh this thread really helped, but can you add a recomendation client date on the list ? it will be help people who dont come here / update often, like me
  6. for Q&A no. 1 so it writen vertically and to solve it, just shorten the name of the tab ? thx i get it
  7. Hi, i want to ask something about deleting character it say, "Enter your birthday (e.g: 20101126) it works if in the login sql my birthday 0000-00-00 so i just type it 00000000 when deleting character and it works the problem is: mine was 19890413 and in the login sql 1989-04-13 but when i try to input 19890413 show an error "Your entered birthday does not match" i try to type it 00000000 or 1989-04-13 it dont work too so there is a way to make it right ? anyway, i used 2011-03-15aRagexeRE thx for answer it
  8. Hi, i have a question, how to change default font size ? like on image above my current font is the first one, and i want to be like the second, which have a bigger font is there a way to change it ? thx before
  9. Okey, thankyou i'll read and try it
  10. Hi, i was wandering how to make multiple server in one CPU i plan to build 3 server so whats im thinked of is 1. I want player can login to each server with one ID, but every server they can make different character, so,should i configure it on Inter_athena.conf directly to one database and create a different character database configuration? 2. Its have one custom.grf, so should i edit the clientinfo, or just use it for play? 3. how much ram needed for run 3 rAthena ? Thats it thx if you want to answer it
  11. Yes i do No, it doesnt necesarry, in the Inter_athena.conf you will see which database you want to use for each configuration i think this is the best answer, yeah it still uncomment, okeh i'll try it thanks for answering my question
  12. let see . if somebody have errors with Job 2 Clothes dye pallete try this 2DyePallete extract with 7zip and simply add line before your custom.grf in your Data.ini
  13. ehm .. its appears on map-server console first one is when i throw an item and second is when i pickup again it anyone know whats wrong with it ? yeah i know its from picklog, i use mySQL for logging it thx
  14. yeah i've put your fixed-palletes to my grf, and its still get error i was wondering if its because of mismatch word when extract the zipped file like on late post, i think it on page 6