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  1. put the file you edited in the first grf in your data.ini list example 1=first.grf <--- here you are going to put the file you edited to be read by the client 2=second.grf
  2. all mvp, when it invokes the other mob give gravity, I can record it to show it
  3. I used that exe too, and the same thing happened to me, with the mvp problem. Any suggestions?
  4. use nemo to diff that exe ? will this very advanced exe be stable ? 2020-09-02 ...
  5. hola, alguien sabe cual es el mejor exe compatible con el rathena actual, yo estoy usando el exe 2020-03-01. pero tengo problemas con este exe, cuando uso el comando @monster para invocar a los mvps y el mvp invoca a sus mobs causa gravity. por eso necesito saber cual es el mejor exe estable. tambien estoy usando el modo pre renewall -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hello, does anyone know which is the best exe compatible with the current rathena, i am using exe 2020-03-01. but i have problems with this exe, when i use the @monster command to invoke the mvps and the mvp invokes its mobs it causes gravity. so i need to know which is the best stable exe. i am also using pre renewall mode
  6. most of the problem is in the src.
  7. I once was able to start it but unfortunately I could not save all the changes I made in git, and I lost it when my hard disk was damaged, now I wait for some of the two versions to update it... !!!
  8. que paso con este proyecto sigue vivo ?
  9. the last update that worked correctly this battlefield, before they added the mob to yml.
  10. Apparently they were removed, is there any way to add them back ?
  11. can someone help me with the drop effects, I am using current rathena. as of today, and I have a problem with white pillar and orange pillar, they all work fine for me. WHITE_PILLAR = does not work GREEN_PILLAR = if it works BLUE_PILLAR = if it works YELLOW_PILLAR = if it works ORANGE_PILLAR = does not work PURPLE_PILLAR = if it works RED_PILLAR = if it works
  12. I have been testing everything, and all the maps are totally correct.
  13. @grenat50 to test from 0, I downloaded the rathena currently from today's date, but there is no failure if you do it manually if it works 100%, add the maps that come to the map cache, but missing maps as far as I can see, I do not know if they are maps that are already but duplicated, can you get me out of doubt ?
  14. Excellent, I'll try it to see how it is. @grenat50 I think there were some maps missing to be added to the map cache. but it is working in the current rathena, but I had to install it manually because the git apply diff gave me an error...
  15. if I already noticed, it was wrong the name jejej thank you very much indeed to both @Haruka Mayumi @Cookie-rae
  16. @Haruka Mayumi I got this error
  17. @Cookie-raeI installed your diff, but how do I add appearance to it, how do I say it to make it look nicer hehe?
  18. Does anyone know how to put the whosell in this way or I don't know if it is another custom command, I would like to be able to use it, or if this is (Exclusive in some way)?
  19. @@ -1058,6 +1058,9 @@ TIMER_FUNC(mob_delayspawn){ } md->spawn_timer = INVALID_TIMER; mob_spawn(md); + if( md->state.boss ) { + map_setmapflag(bl->m, MF_PVP, true); + } } return 0; } @ -1139,6 +1142,7 @@ int mob_spawn (struct mob_data *md) md->bl.m = md->spawn->m; md->bl.x = md->spawn->x; md->bl.y = md->spawn->y; + if(md->spawn->state.boss) map_setmapflag(md->bl.m, MF_PVP, true); if( (md->bl.x == 0 && md->bl.y == 0) || md->spawn->xs || md->spawn->ys ) { //Monster can be spawned on an area. @ -3158,6 +3162,9 @@ int mob_dead(struct mob_data *md, struct block_list *src, int type) // MvP tomb [GreenBox] if (battle_config.mvp_tomb_enabled && md->spawn->state.boss && map_getmapflag(md->bl.m, MF_NOTOMB) != 1) mvptomb_create(md, mvp_sd ? mvp_sd->status.name : NULL, time(NULL)); + if(md->spawn->state.boss) { + map_setmapflag(md->bl.m, MF_PVP, false); + } if( !rebirth ) mob_setdelayspawn(md); //Set respawning. @Almond Snicker
  20. the only thing you have to do is to remove the skill guild extension and only 16
  21. @IvanD Custom Items · rathena/rathena Wiki · GitHub
  22. What do you use to make diff ? I use: anacondaq / nemo-4144-mirror · GitLab ROenglishRE/Client Support/NEMO Profiles at master · llchrisll/ROenglishRE · GitHub the diffs you must apply for that exe that are those of 2020 What is its configuration in the clientinfo? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?> <clientinfo> <desc>Ragnarok Client Information</desc> <servicetype>korea</servicetype> <servertype>primary</servertype> <connection> <display>RagnarokOnline</display> <address></address> <port>6900</port> <version>55</version> <langtype>1</langtype> <registrationweb></registrationweb> <aid> <admin>2000000</admin> </aid> <loading> <image>loading00.jpg</image> <image>loading01.jpg</image> <image>loading02.jpg</image> <image>loading03.jpg</image> <image>loading04.jpg</image> <image>loading05.jpg</image> <image>loading06.jpg</image> </loading> </connection> </clientinfo>
  23. creo que aqui te explica todo tu problema solo importa item_db2_re.sql al SQL Message: Failed to import/replace rows from table 'rathena.item_db2_re'
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